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1800s Newcastle on Tyne was a very different place with criminal gangs in the body trade, fake clairvoyants pedaling there ways in darkened houses, such terrifying ways of contacting the dead in séances, child labor killing many and murder suicide!

The Victorian Ghost Walk of Newcastle, based on the Dean Street Strangler, hear the horrific accounts of brutal self-inflicted torture that results in gruesome suicides and spend time at real Victorian sites around Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The Victorian Ghost Walk visits the site of an old toy makers work shop where many children perished in a tragic fire while working to make wax dolls with real human hair. To this day people have heard crying sounds, smell smoke and have seen ghostly children.

See the site of the barber surgeons and hear the horrific stories of self mutilation and the body trade that happened in Newcastle's dark backstreets.

The tour visits a Victorian graveyard, old backstreets that still have the original oil lamps and cobble pathways.  

Your guide is real Victorian necromancer that believes he can commune with the spirits of the dead, take part in his graveyard séance, be prepared for a shock and laughter as he is possessed by the dead to tell their stories at each haunted site. 

And please tread carefully and keep away from the shadows… for you are about to enter The Black Gate. Which is by way of saying, the setting itself couldn't be more dramatic. Minutes into the walk a Building stands with wooden drawbridges and takes form of one of the most haunted locations in the Northeast it takes us into a hideaway where the grim old Newcastle, Castle entry rears up directly before us. It’s a hideaway so dark and so still that you can hear people breathing, a place where the clock seems permanently turned back to the Victorian murders of old Newcastle, back to the location of many DEATHS.

The tour starts at the Victorian Pub, The Bridge Hotel and ends at the haunted road way of old Mosley Street at the feet of Queen Victoria,  next to a place of ill repute and fine beers known as the Big Market. But before any beer can be sunk, you will find yourself tracing the footsteps of many Victorian villains and there locations of murder, grave robbers and barber surgeons. 

The Necromancer Victorian tour guide will walk you through the Victorian streets of old Newcastle pointing out the sites of many murders and the tragic Victorian ghostly history of Newcastle Upon Tyne with the added blend of the ghosts that now haunt the murder sites, Just maybe you will come face to face with a killer from the past...

NOTE: This tour is not wheelchair friendly and anyone attempting this tour should be able to clime steps. All information has been researched and taken from such books as Victorian Crimes in Newcastle & Durham, Victorian Villains and many others. Information on such suicides has been gathered from old news reports which are held in collection at the castle keep and kindly shown by Paul McDonald. This is an entertainment tour based on real crimes. Please note the "possession" on the tour is fake and for entertainment to help tell the story from the murdered spirits perspective. 

The Victorian Ghost Walk is not like any tour you've taken before! We've been thrilling our audiences for almost a decade and all of us including the dead are waiting for you to be next in line for a frightmare. This tour is interactive and takes crowd participation to make the tour a night to remember.

Be Warned! Ghost tours run rain or shine. We run on dark and stormy nights! Comfortable shoes are recommended so that you don’t become dead on your feet during the time you spend in the haunted areas and taking part in our ghostly tour. This tour is OUTDOORS so please dress for old cobble pathways, grassy areas and old steps, cold weather and ghostly chills.

Private Booking Only - Minimum 10 people - £9.99 per person

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The Bridge Hotel a haunted Victorian pub where we stop for an ice cold pint.
Why end the tour after the walk when you can join our ghost walk guide for a ice cold pint in one of the Castle Garths most haunted pubs for a an extra hour of the pubs haunted history. Book our Victorian Ghost Walk Extended tour NOW! Only £9.99