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Till Death Do Us Part the original Ghost Walk of old Newcastle upon Tyne was the first ever ghost walk created in Newcastle that ran outside of Halloween all year long. Now in its 9th year with over 690 people having extreme activity on this tour it has set itself up as one of the UK’s most paranormal active ghost walks with thousands of people sending in strange photos, sharing odd experiences and seeing unexplainable shadow people.  It started as a simple haunted history tour, the likes you would see in York and Edinburgh but this tour was destined to be different, little did the creator know. It started shortly after the tour launched with odd things happening, we thought it was fantastic but what we did not realize is how violent this haunting it could get.

About the Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk in Newcastle Uopn Tyne

The brain child of Steve Taylor who would go to term the now recognized term “paranormal entertainment” created this tour after visiting Newcastle Garth and seeing its main haunted looking spooky locations and after 2 years of research collected enough local history and stories from local people and books to create what would be version 1 of the tour, today the tour is at version 19 and will keep updating as different paranormal events take place.

It started like all ghost tours from the once haunted castle keep in Newcastle and would lead groups around the Castle Garth and take in St Nicholas Cathedral and the Black Gate, this led to many sightings where are still common along with odd photos of ghostly figures and balls of light, black mists but over the years the haunting became more violent and started to do odd things like scratch people, grab them and even hit them, over time this moved to stones been thrown, hair been pulled and even having people punched along with the smells of burning hair and some extreme attacks where people passed out or we left bloody after been attacked in front of groups of school children which eventually led to the ban of under 16 year of age after one 9 year old boy was attacked on the tour in front his parents which led to the tour been changed.

Today the tour has had over 670 recorded attacked on people from police officers, council workers our very own staff and you guys the ghost walkers.

Today the tour takes a more sinister rout around the old Garth taking it up a notch adding more fear and paranormal activity.

Today’s tour last for up to 2 hours and depending on the guide can take a turn for the spooky depending on if the guide feels they can carry out a safe paranormal experiment. It still has its grassroots of been a haunted history tour, now it’s more factual than dramatic with real life encounters, photos been used during the tour of actual ghosts along with EVP recordings that people have caught on the tour!

What Happens on a Ghost Walk?

Well this would be giving too much away if we told you what we did, what we can tell you is that you will walk back in time along old cobble roads that have not changed since they have been stalked by Victorian killers as the stories of the supernatural sends shivers down your spine. The guide can take you through a world wind of emotion and shock that can assault the sensors bringing sharp shocks delivered deep inside each story with a real fright in darkened lanes by old walls where many a man has died in bloody war, stand where plague victims lay just feet below the ground and where police have seen astral shapes of darkened specters’ who wander the old Castle Garth. This historical tour with adult humour takes in some of the best sites in Newcastle from the Newcastle, Castle and its many stories of execution and murder, the Black Gate and its poltergeist stories where many have been attacked, here you can take part in a real EMF paranormal experiment and communicate with the dead if you dare. See the Tyne Bridge along with ancient pubs and buildings dating back to the 1200’s.

One of the highlights of our tour is the unexplained activity featured around the hanging gibbet and Herons pit one of the sites prison and dungeon areas, it has a plethora of paranormal activity with people often leaving the dungeon shaken, shocked and even bloody.

Through the years we have seen people attacked, had staff attacked by a black malevolent mass, we have recorded EVP recordings of spirit voices along with photos of strange figures.

The whole site around the dungeon is haunted with phantom footsteps on the bridge, a ghost girl who has been seen there to strange military drumming and the sound of horses that just vanish in the night.

Til Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk Newcastle in the Media!

This tour has been featured on the radio such as BBC radio one, BBC Newcastle, Metro Radio, NE1fm, TV such as the BBC, Most Haunted, Discovery Channel and has been used in TV shows like Wire in the Blood and the channel Four documentary Mary Ann Cotton the Serial Killer.

The Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk has also been written about in 14 paranormal books by writers such as Darren W Ritson, Mike Hallowell, Gordon Rutter to name a few.

This tour laid the foundations for the Newcastle Keep ghost tours and ghost hunts which launched off the back of this tour and today is one of Newcastle’s hidden secrets.

Remember to bring your camera to see if you can get a picture of a ghost, more ghosts have been photographed on this tour than any other in the world with people seeing ghostly figures and dark shades. Book now to see if you can come face to face with the dead!  Strictly Over 16 years of age

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