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Why not step back in time with our historical tour guides either in plane clothes or in full costume, our tour guides offer tours throughout the Tyne and Wear area, County Durham and Newcastle.

We have tour guides for private tours for people visiting the city, from historical tours to photo walks and bike tours of Newcastle along with tours in County Durham, from woodland tree ID tours, myths and legends of the trees to guided tours of Adrians wall.

Newcastle's guided tours work with Alone in the Dark Entertainment and Haunted City Tours to bring the best in guided walks in Newcastle and Durham! Each of our tours are brought to life via pictures, audio and through stories and facts along with myths and legends of Newcastle and Durhams history.  We offer a full private tour guide experience from just £10 per person. For information call us on 07525639943

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Tynemouth a Dark History

Tynemouth Dark History and Viking Walk, see the ancient village of Tynemouth, hear of the Viking invaders to locally myths and legends, visit fine shops and spend time in this outstanding village with a tour guide to answer all your questions about the local area. This tour starts at the Tynemouth Priory in Tynemouth.

Historical Newcastle

Newcastle's Historical Guided Tour, see the city through the eyes of a story telling tour guide as he points out the best history in Newcastle from its hidden gems to TV locations and even the odd ghost story! This tour starts from Greys Monument in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Pirates and Smugglers

Pirates, Smugglers and the Newcastle Quayside. See the fantastic houses of old Newcastle dating back to the 1500's, from sites of murder to coal trade, pirates and smugglers. Newcastle's Quayside tour has it all along with fine bars and amazing views! This tour starts outside the Newcastle Castle Keep.

Great Fire of Gateshead

Join our Victorian tour guide for a guided walk taking in  the many sites of Newcastle and Gateshead as we bring to life the brutal story of the Gateshead fire the destroyed part of Newcastle and most of Gateshead. 

This tour take you on a walk back in time and looks the fire and what Gateshead and Newcastle looked like, hear what people of the day had to say about the Great Fire of Gateshead.

Finchale and The Hermit

Join our historical tour guide at Finchael Abbey in County Durham as we delve in to the amazing history of the Hermit of Finchael and strange goings on at Finchael Farm, a look at the historical site, myths and legends of Finchael Priory.

See the ancient Yew woodlands and hear of the local legends relating to monks, see the ancient stone work inside the old barns along with fantastic views of the river Wear and its wildlife.

Woodland Myths Hike

A walk like no other, join our bushcraft and wilderness guide as he takes you on a woodland hike along the Wear from Finchael Abbey taking in the sights and sounds of nature, see wildlife from deer to otters and hear of the local legends and history as you gaze upon the old coal mines, walk the old wagon ways and take in the rich history of British trees along with the Celtic myths of the woodlands. You will also stop for a lunch break in the countryside.

Bycicle Tours of Newcastle

Why not hire a peddle bike and join us for a fantastic tour as we take in the sites of Newcastle Quayside, Gateshead and many historical sites, this fantastic tour takes in the Newcastle Quayside, such as the Sage, Millennium Bridge, Tyne Bridge, Cooperage along with many historical areas. See the site of the great fire of Gateshead and vist All Hallows Kurk Yard for stories about the Plague before we venture further along the riverside taking in outstanding views with some amazing historical stores, tails and legends before we for a spot of tea with fine views of old Newcastle Quayside and Gateshead. This tour starts at Lloyds Bar on the Newcastle Quayside

Gateshead & Newcastle

Join our City to City hike of Gateshead and Newcastle as we take in the sites of old churches, witches burial sites, modern buildings like the Sage to the Baltic Mills, see the sites of the great fire of Gateshead along with our fantastic bridges before visit many historical locations of interest in Newcastle. such as the Betty Surtees House, see our old taverns and pubs on the way to the Castle Garth to visit the Castle Keep and Black Gate. 

You will then venture to one more fantastic location before the tour finally ends. This tour starts at St Mary's Church on Newcastle Quayside.

Life in The Castle Garth

From death and plague, war and murder. Life in the Castle Garth of Newcastle has left a fantastic history or local legends and myths, from haunted buildings to the Newcastle Castle. See the back lanes, the Castle Keep and Black Gate along with its many mysteries. 

You will hear about life in Garth, put faces to names of murdered people and gruesome crimes.

See haunted and historical sites with views of our bridges and the Gateshead. 

A fantastic historical tour! This tour starts outside the Newcastle Castle Keep.

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