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 Do YOU have what it takes???

New 2014 dates ON SALE!

Join us if you dare for this night of true terror! 
We will be opening the Castle Keep to another Haunted Camp Out . Dare you and your friends to be locked down in one of England's most haunted castle's and locations from 10pm - 7am?

From £39.99 per person, bring you sleeping bag as and get ready to ruff it in one of England's most violent prisons and reported haunted locations. This is a true Ghost Stake out as you will be spending the night on 100% vigils and sleeping right where many perished!
The night includes a full ghost hunt inside the castle with you being the paranormal investigator and running paranormal experiments in the with the use of paranormal tools under the guidance of our crew! Ouija board, table tipping, EMF, night cams etc, food and refreshments.  After the investigation its time to bed down in a room of your choice and camp out till dawn!  OR you can join the Team Leaders for more experiments in the HUB area!  No other experiments may be conducted anywhere in the Castle after 3 am apart from the HUB area!  You are not permitted to take equipment and use to conducut your own experiments after 3 am.  This is a condition of the event!  The cost of £39.99 pp does include the sleep over inside the Castle from 3 pm until 7 am and is optional. 

Castle Keep rooms available to book!

Rooms available to sleep in which you can on the night when you check in.  ALL rooms are shared and subject to availability.

Commended Mans Cell - cell with Iron Gate sleeps up to 4 people

Garrison Room - Sleeps up to 6 people 

Chapel Room - Sleeps up to 5 people

 Font Room - Sleeps up to 8 people 

Museum Room -  Sleeps up to 6 people 

Queens Mezzanine Chamber -  Sleeps up to 3 people 

Kings Chamber - Sleeps up to 4 people

Well Room - Sleeps up to 2 people 

Cell Room Sleeps up to 4 people

Great Hall  - Sleeps up to 8 people

Balconies - Sleeps up to 10 people

Please note that sleeping at the Castle from 3 pm until 7 am is optional and you can leave after the ghost hunt ends at 3 am! 

Remember to bring your sleeping gear!

This event is in doors but the location is 900 year old and it is a prison so the castle is very cold and haunted! 

 So join us if you dare and spend a night locked in a haunted castle and building, sleeping in places of death and real paranormal activity!!
We are busy booking and securing new locations and our customers favorite locations for 2014!

New 2014 dates will be available to book soon! 

Visit our shop for more ghost hunts events and to book your tickets!

We will have MORE locations on sale very soon!  New events are added to our shop weekly so have a look and see what we have on offer! 

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BOOK NOW 2014 Available to book!

Why not spend a night in the famous Castle Keep with Alone In The Dark Entertainment Ghost Hunting?

With hundreds of ghost stories and claimed sightings, join the team for a night you will never forget and a chance to see for yourself just who haunts Castle Keep!

Includes : Haunted Camp Out, ghost walk of the Castle, paranormal experiments in the HUB, use of paranormal tools, Ouija board, table tipping, EMF, night cams etc, food and refreshments PLUS your own 100% vigils in your locations!



Due to the Castle Keep closing for renovations we hope to have new dates on for this location in June or July 2014!  

Watch this space!


Final balance due on the night of the event. Cash & cheques accepted No Cards accepted

When you book your deposit you agree to the Terms & Conditions of our ghost hunts ** STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS*


What is a Haunted Camp Out! Q&A


Q: How is a haunted camp out is different to a normal ghost hunt??

A: First off this includes sleeping or roughing it in a sleeping bag, it’s also 4 hours longer than a normal ghost hunt and you’re in the building throughout the entire night till dawn. Also on a normal ghost hunt you would be in teams and moving location each hour. With this style of night you’re not, you choose the haunted room you want and you bed down in there keeping one eye open and normally on this kind of style night people witness more activity and sometimes even a ghost!

Q: How many people will be in my room??

A: It depends but not many usually from 2 - 8. The rooms are huge and there is plenty of space. If you’re in a small room like a prison cell then I would recommend booking it out for just you and your friends.

Q: Can we do experiments in our rooms??

A: If you have your own equipment then yes you can as long as it’s not disturbing any one. AITDE equipment is not permitted to be used during the lock down. Just make sure you know when to quit and be respectful of the dead and living as you will be all alone and you want to survive don’t you?

Q: Can I go into different rooms??

A: NO once the lights go out you must stay in lock-down in your location! PLUS for health and safety reasons you could fall or trip on someone sleeping. It’s a lock-down for a reason as you’re not marshalled and it’s down to you using your own common sense.

Q: How do I reserve a room in the Castle??

A: On the night you will be taken around the Castle (with the lights on!) so you can see the different rooms and decide where you want to sleep.  After the walk around you can then reserve your sleeping with our Team Leaders who will be taking reservations after the walk around has ended.  

Terms and Conditions

Sleeping Apparel
Bring you own camp beds, sleeping bags, pillows etc. There are NO Beds, NO Sleeping Bags, NO Bedding etc provided.  Tents are NOT allowed.
Wrap up warm as it will be cold, hot refreshments will be available.
Lights out at 4 pm sharp.  ALL paranormal experiments etc will end at 4 am BUT you can carry on your vigils in your location.
Lights will be turned on for toilet breaks etc
VERY IMPORTANT bring a torch with you!
Shared Rooms - some rooms in the castle may be occupied by more than one group.  Some locations such as the Garrison room and Great Hall room will be accessed by other groups to gain access to the toilet facilities and refreshments etc. We ask that you be aware that their may be minimal disruption during the event.
Paranormal Experiments - these will be carried out in the hub area.  If you wish for experiments to be carried where you are sleeping you MUST be accompanied by a Team Leader and experiments in each location may only last for up to 30 mins.  This is to allow all the locations to take part in the experiments.  ALL paranormal experiments will end at 4 pm.
Toilet facilities - there are NO toilet facilities in the castle.  There will be scheduled toilet breaks to the Black Gate and you MUST be accompanied by a member of staff when walking to the location.  Black Gate campers can use the toilets at set breaks.

NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS OR JOKING ABOUT - At this event there is strictly NO alcohol or drugs allowed. No alcohol to be consumed 8 hours prior to the event. We must stress that anyone who we believe is under the influence at the event will not be allowed into the event forfeits any payments made. In the past we have a minor few who have spoiled the event for other people by, messing about, joking about, jumping out on people & disrespecting staff etc. You are there to have a good time and we want you to have fun, but under no circumstances do we allow anyone to joke about to the point where it effects other people’s investigations. Anyone found to be joking about to the extreme will be asked to leave the event. Every person who attends an overnight event MUST sign a copy of the Terms & Conditions included in this booking confirmation. By signing you agree to section 9 of the Terms and Conditions. Any person who fails to comply with any of the rules will have broken the Terms and Conditions of the event and will be removed from the event without refund.

Over 18's Only - This is a strictly over 18's only event


All details shown on this website were correct at the time of publishing but subject to change without notice.  All events attended at the client’s risk, no liability accepted by Alone In The Dark Entertainment.  Sleep Over Locations may be shared by multiple parties.  Prices vary depending on locations room booked.  Bookings are first come first served. Sleeping apparel not included.  Tents and gazebos not permitted. Strictly no alcohol or drugs.  Final balance due on the night of the event. Please refer to our Terms of Service for FULL Terms & Conditions.