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Join the Newcastle & Durham ghost walks this Halloween 2019 for 
some of the best ghost walking tours in the UK
Newcastle Halloween Ghost Tour  ~ If your looking for a real fright this October then we have specialist paranormal tours running all throughout October and November with our award winning tour The Till Death Do Us Part ghost walk of Newcastle which has been featured on many TV shows from Most Haunted to Paranormal Explorers along with many radio shows and has been written about in over 14 ghost hunting books. Each year it sells out fast with folk coming from all over the world to witness the poltergeist activity that people have witnessed on this tour. 

Urban Exploration Durham ~ We have a one off Urban Exploration style adventure in a real haunted old farm where your explorer and host will be opening a haunted demonic Ouija board that is said to be cursed and has came from a paranormal archive after it was broken into by criminals, they sadly smashed all the glass cases but then not realising what they had stole, they returned the items. Since we have had this item stored, we to have been burgled, a friend who stored it has had extreme bad luck, then another who was transporting it had a car crash. We believe this item is so bad that we ended up sending to a farm house in Durham where its been housed in abandoned farm till October. After posting it the person needed a full blessing and cleansing. Experience a real fright as we open this haunted Ouija inside a haunted building, if you dare you can even try and use the Ouija board after!

Durham Halloween Ghost Tour ~ We also have our Haunting of Finchael Farm, by far one of the scariest tours we host which has limited spaces. Read on below for more information and get ready to get scared this OCTOBER!. 

Newcastle Ghost Walks this Halloween! | Haunted Newcastle | Ghost Walk | Things To Do

Newcastle is one of the oldest cities in the UK with a dark and murderous history steeped in blood and ghostly legends. 

You can join our ghost walking guide a real demonologist David Marshall as he takes you to some of Newcastle most haunted sites and brings to life the haunted legends and evil deeds through tongue and cheek humour and terrifying stories and first hand accounts.

See the poltergeist pits where people have been grabbed, thrown over and hit by unseen hands, old coins have been thrown and people have seen a black mass or demonic entity that haunts this site of many executions.

Walk where real killers stalk their victims and see the sites of recent murders to tragic suicides and hear of the haunting s that's been left behind from these terrible events in time. 

See one of the only existing real homes connected to folk witchcraft of the 1600s and the Newcastle witch trials where builders unearthed the remains of children and other horrific finds including books on black magic. 

You will visit the most haunted areas where many folk have seen ghostly apparitions to encountering evil sinister forces.

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