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Exploring Paranormal  is a YouTube channel created by Alone In The Dark Entertainment with its host Steven J Taylor who is a horror and paranormal writer along with a radio host, tour guide and paranormal investigator for over twenty years.

Exploring Paranormal is a YouTube channel where Stevie as he is called in the show ventures off to many haunted sites from woodlands used for satanic rituals to haunted hotels, castles, abbeys to vaes and mines. The show has a running theme looking for demons and poltergeists and plays on people's fears of Ouija boards to exploring abandoned and dangerous haunted locations but with a twist of history, delivering the back story where the show can.

Paranormal Explorers is for entertainment only and is rated PG13. 

About Steven J Taylor from Exploring Paranormal | Urban Explorer | Ghost Hunter

Steve has worked within the paranormal entertainment industry since 2006 but has had a life dedicated to exploring the paranormal from UFO's to poltergeist activity. 

Steve has been featured in many books by paranormal writer such as Mick J Hallowell, Darren W Ritson and many more. Steve has also penned 7 of his own books but later moved to self publication with his own Ebooks on the paranormal and horror. 

Steve created the first dedicated FM radio show along with good friends Chris Felton and Rob Davies called Dead Air Paranormal Radio which airs on Monday nights on NE1fm 102.5. 

Steve has worked with many paranormal investigators to teams on private investigations and cases. For man years Steve was a leading private investigator and dealt with over 300 cases with his last been the Hendon Poltergeist case before he retired from private investigation. 

Exploring Paranormal on YouTube | Steven J Taylor | Urban Exploring

Exploring Paranormal usually have a new show out each friday or Saturday on YouTube. Exploring Paranormal aim to bring fresh weekly content to its fans with some videos 12 minutes to half hour long.

Exploring Paranormal also want to take YOU with them, all you have to do is head to their YouTube and subscribe, like a video, comment and share and they select a fan or fans each week to head out on explores with them.

In the most recent Exploring Paranormal Steve ventured to a haunted farm where he took a Ouija board that had been sent in the post and was said to have a demon attached to it. He opened it at 3am on the dead hour inside a barn where a farmer hung himself and then the demon got loose and threw items around! 

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