The Haunting of Finchael Farm -  The Ghost WALK - Durham 

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Many stories have been told about Finchale Priory and the ancient Abbey over the years, often at night, around a flickering fire from when it was once an old campsite. Stories of its many ghosts have been re-told over the years. The site lays place to many a ghostly and haunted myth, told by locals and hushed by others. Dark secrets of religious rights, demonic entities and a witches grave that supposedly held the remains of an evil witch that was buried on the site to help stop the witch from haunting people.

It started with a small pointed black rock, some old bones and a stone slab found buried where the farm house now stand and one of the longest haunting’s ever recorded would follow from a simple wrapping sound in an old farm house bedroom one dark night, to a black and sinister figure down by a small river, where the dead is said to haunt. Where a Monks ghostly apparition that is said to follow you as it drags his foot through the bracken has and been seen by many campers in the Black Rock Wood along with stories of hangings, tragedy and even murder.

Finchael Abbey History

Finchel in County Durham has been recorded in history books since A.D 790, when it was the site of a synod for the Church to where it would practice it's "cruel and barbaric" disciplines upon the Benedictine monks also known as the black monks as they dressed in all black robes.

Finchale Priory (pronounced fink-le) sometimes referred to as Finchale Abbey was a 13th-century Benedictine priory for the Order of The Black Monks or in Latin (Ordo Sancti Benedicti . The haunted remains are cited by the River Wear, four miles from Durham. It is a Grade I listed building and half of the old farm house is as old as the Abbey itself. One of the most haunted parts is below the Priory where a sinister black mass like shape is said to haunt and scratch. This Spectra was photographed by Marion Goodfellow a TV psychic, this can accessed by visiting during the day.

The park has had many tragic deaths from drownings to children falling from the cliffs, suicide in the woodlands and holiday chalets and even a tragic fire that took the life of 3 people. 

The site later became the hermitage of one of Finchale’s many ghostly inhabitants St Godric who was once said to be an evil and ruthless pirate of sorts but supposedly found god, he refused all of life’s comforts and lived in cave until he witnessed a tragic murder of his close friend, he then had a ghostly vision and the vision told him to go Finchel to where he gave his life to the church or did he?

Watch our Behind The Scenes Video from Finchale Farm!

Steve Taylor and David Marshall go behind the scenes of The Haunting of Finchale Farm in Durham and visit some of the haunted sites!

Watch the video hear some of the stories, history and see some haunted sites that's not on the tour! 

St Godric - The Myth, legend and his ghost!

During his time at Finchael, Godric is said to have battled an evil hag of witch, buried gold, fought Scottish invaders killing many and he almost drowned in the river fighting a giant worm like serpent, It was also said that he had been troubled by fiends and demons who took various ghostly shapes and dark forms, such demons most often appearing in the form of a damsel with pale white skin and dark hair. The damsel was said be ‘visited by evil consequence' he would do anything to rid himself of such trouble such as rolling naked in thorns and then pouring salt into his wounds, submerging himself in the ice cold river water neck deep to stop the demons from scratching his flesh while he slept, it is said that the Order of the Black Monks (Ordo Sancti Benedictine) used Godric to do the churches dirty work and this left him haunted with dark visions and relentless nightmares.

Godric a man of god or man greed, a man hiding or trying to find his way, some say a wise man, a sorcerer or even a witch and once a pirate. We know that Godric was a sailor and by all accounts an exceptional sailor at that, he was ashamed later on in life of things he had done as a young man, some speculate that murder, robbery and unlawful seductions were part of his sinful ways.

He grew up as a wanderer from Norfolk and became a peddler in the late 1090's and traveled the world and survived each journey where many died, he was a seer and profit that was said to sleep with snakes, poisonous asps as his protectors that watched over him and his fire in his hermitage later in life and that the wild packs of wolves that wander Durham and who would kill any man, yet these wolves walked by his side like he was there master. He was a protector of the wild hunt and a healer of the sick animals it’s said that the Ravens of Finchale were his eyes as he could see everything even the future, he rejected all of life’s comfort from once been a wealthy man who had a greed and sense of the highest fashion, he rejected it all to live of the land feeding his food parcels locals left to the wild birds.

His ability as a seer is noted in the book A Hermit of Finchael, it’s said that one day an Abbot visited Godric at his hermitage, with him he brought a rather stout monk, but as the Abbot was leaving Godric lent over and said to the Abbot that “the brother there is perched upon a very appropriate seat because he will be beneath one very soon, he has become so fat and filled his putrid flesh with all mater of delicacies that he cannot have long to live, he has in fact reached such a stage that he unable to walk a few steps without the help of a stick and he cannot mount his horse unless someone is there to hoist him into the saddle. Yet I have been always poor and needy for the love of Christ and have worked and toiled miserably yet I can still dig and carry and walk at a bright pace” It was over 2 weeks later and the monk from Durham due to his weight suffered a stroke or heart attack and died. The fellow monks had gone to the about that and said “we must pray and pray that he overcomes this” the Abbot replied “no just pray for his soul because the hermit of Finchale had already said that he would not have long to live for he is a glutton”.

In that story Godric foreseen the monk’s demise weeks before it happened, Godric seen the future and foretold the demise of that brother.

During the time he spent at Finchale he took a young man under his wing who he would show and bestow upon him his wisdom of nature, it’s said that Godric made magical bread from grain and ash with the healing waters at his hermitage, that once a woman was ill with a demon that took her body, he fed the women this bread and banished the demon in a great battle. 

The demon terrorized Godric from that day forward and one night the young lad heard Godric fighting and screaming out, the young lad opened door to Godric's hut and in there was a foul black shape shifting demon and upon the floor Godric stood inside a circle of salt, Godric grabbed the young lad pulling him inside the circle as the demon hissed and spat, the young man charged the demon with words of St Benedict, these words Godric had taught him, but Godric had said to the young lad not to ever step out of the circle of salt as the demon will attack you and in his chase he did and the demon turned and spat at the young lad, its single drop of poison hit the lad in the mouth. He fell to floor and the demon vanished. The young lad spent the next 3 weeks suffering a swollen inflamed throat and could not speak or hardly breathe due to burns but Godric healed the young lad back to health and the lad become a demon fighter with Godric but sadly not much is noted about what they did.

"It’s said that in one of his battles with a witch that she hexed and cursed"

It’s said that in one of his battles with a witch that she hexed and cursed Godric to live forever, if he ate food prepared for him by another, if he drank more than water, if he slept in comfort that dark demons would take his soul and make his flesh live forever. Some say this was true as Godric lived to the ripe old age of 105 years when the average age of man was 35-40 years old for that time period.

(Left: In the image Godric sits with his snakes at Finchale)

Local people believed that if you ventured in to the woodland close by the hermitage where Godrc lived, that wild wolves under Godrics control protected what was once known as the Black Rock Woodland where the devil supposedly lived, Godric was said to spelled the wolves to make sure no human ever stepped foot in these woods . Some believe the Devil was Godric and that is why he lived so long as he was possessed by evil demons, some myths even talk of human sacrifice and witchcraft as Godric was never part of the church, he was a man living alone in the wild at one with animals and was said to be a great seer or spirit medium. He seems to be more of a wise man or witch. Wizard or sorcerer rather than a monk. Godric may have become one with his church so he would not be killed for witchcraft. Today Godric has a cult following and is still not part of the church.

His burial place lies among the ruins of the Finchale Abbey to this very day but has left a history of ghostly sightings, myths and tails along with a legend that a secret passage runs underground from Durham Castle to Finchale and some say down to hell itself.

Godric ghost is said to be the Black Monk of Finchale Farm, seen in the farm house and tormented many people who have climbed on the monastery walls, one young man was climbing one day when a black bag like shape came out of the floor and hit the boy so hard he fell from the wall. He ran away scared but no one would believe him.

One day when one the staff who used to work at the old shop and ticket booth in the Abbey ruins was pricing up some sweets he noticed a black monk like shape pass by the front window. He thought someone was having a laugh and walked out but the priory grounds and the area around it was clear with no one in site.

Most recently a local man who works at Sainsbury’s was on his way to do a night shift and was late, he was in a rush and was driving quite quick around Cocken Road but just as he came upon the priory he noticed in his words “a hoodie” like figure standing in the middle of the road. He slammed on his breaks and as he came to a stop he looked back but the road was empty. He went to work that night, ghostly white and shaking.

The Song Performed Today

St Godric's Song

Reginald of Durham recorded four songs of St Godric's: they are the oldest songs in English for which the original musical settings survive. Reginald describes the circumstances in which Godric learnt the first song. In a vision the Virgin Mary appeared to Godric with at her side "two maidens of surpassing beauty clad in shining white raiment's." They pledged to come to his aid in times of need; and the Virgin herself taught Godric a song of consolation to overcome grief or temptation ("Saintë Marië Virginë").

The Farmhouse Hauntings at Finchale

The Finchael farm house has stud since the 1200s with other parts been added over the years.

The farm house was originally part of the priory and joined on to it.

Such wonders as a monk’s whole are hidden within the walls, only accessible by the loft.

Odd tunnels inside the walls and a house built on top of a body or bones of the Finchael witch or better known as the Black Rock Witch.

The house has had many occupants in its 900 year history and some of them have never ever left!

In one story shortly after the extension was built in the 1700's which seen the dead body of a local witch disturbed, believed to be placed there by St Godric (Read Below, The Black Rock Witch).

It was while builders were working on the site they had some odd events unfold, one of the men in the Black Rock Witch story was haunted by a violent hag like spectra for almost a week, but on the building site things were also unfolding. One group of men refused to go back to work after walking off the site one day, they claimed it was cursed and that they had been visited by a dark shadowy shape of a monk who would peep around corners watching them and steeling there tools. One builder claimed a dog like wolf appeared before him, snarling and growling its eyes red like hot coals only for it to lung at him clawing at his face, but the dog simply vanished yet the man still had scratch marks that become horribly infected.

In another story dating back to the 1800's when it was used as tea room which amazingly the ladies of the time while having tea would test how real there diamond wedding rings were and carve there lovers names in the glass which are still there to see today. This area is now the lounge but in the 1800's a group of ladies having afternoon tea were heard screaming, one of the servers rushed up the back staircase just in time to see items floating in the air and been thrown at the ladies, such as tea cups and plates and even a small table was thrown in the air. The ladies fled in fear never to return for tea again.

Some time back in the 1900's one of the family members who lived on the site, known as “grandar” decided he did not believe that St Godric was buried under his cross, so he and a few friends set about digging up the site in search of St Godrics corps, the finally reached what they thought was the tomb but it was empty. No one knows where his body is but some speculate it is buried at the site of his original hermitage further around in what we call the haunted woodland where people have seen a ghostly shape of a tall bearded man with thick bushy eyebrows which fits his description.

It’s said the “grandar” found an old pendant in the tomb and took it back to the farmhouse to look at it more clearly before they put it back and covered up again. While the pendent was out of the tomb the farm house haunting picked up, a bible that was in a set of books in a book case was hurled across the room at “grandar” and he was even visited at night by an evil spectra. It was said that he awoke hearing a scratching sound on his bedroom door. He got up in the early hours and opened the door but nothing was there, he closed the door and tried to get back to sleep but he had been sleeping awful, he was restless and sweating when a black silhouette appeared at foot of his bed and in a growling sinister voice said “bury that bastard cross and your bible”. The voices repeated itself again, and again then his bed started to shake and something ripped the blankets from on top of him, he tried to move but something was holding him down, then all of a sudden it stopped the room went back to normal. The next morning he was out burying the pendant which we believe was a silver St Benedictine pendent. The haunting’s.........

For more stories about the farm house, you will have to visit the tour...

The Black Rock Witch of Finchale Farm (The Story)

Witchcraft is very much real and still a big part of old English custom, witches still weave spells and charms to help bring in crops or heal people and animals to this very day along with causing harm and malice to their enemies.

Witchcraft has not always been black or white, some say it has no colour and can be good and bad like mankind itself. But it’s within old Finchael that a coven of witches have met for many hundreds of years and are rumoured to still do so to this very day, it’s said when the moon is full or the seasons change you will dark shadows dancing around a burning fire deep in the woods but if you are caught then you may never be seen again as on that night the witch or her ghost will visit you as you rest to steal you soul.

On the current site of Finchael Farm that two local men back the 1700's were building an extension on to the now standing farm house closest to the river, the men would stumble upon a strange stone with ancient markings engraved in to it, markings of the witch! It’s said that the stone was black and in the shape of a pyramid with engravings of symbols and shapes, the end was sharp and pointed. It was wrapped in a white cloth with a crucifix fastened to the cloth. The workmen had been working close to an old bridge.

the local men had been working all digging up the ground as talk shifted to an old story about treasure that pirate that turned monk had hidden in the land in large body of water many hundreds of years back, the men knew a pond was on the site at the side of the farm house next to the river, when one was picking away at the ground and hit something hard but it sounded metallic, he hit it again and seen dirty gray and white material. Inside he found a large black strange looking rock, 'hence the title, Black Rock Woods'. The men were quite intrigued by this odd rock that was at the side of a larger slab of engraved stone but the stone was unreadable, the men wanted it moved believing it to be the site of the treasure, the men then went to work getting the slab out but as they did it snapped and below were human bones. So the men just tossed some dirt on them old bones and carried on working. What they did not know is the side of the slab facing down had markings of the witches or Pagans engraved in to it and the grave was of something dark and evil.

It would be later that night when the workmen arrived home with the black rock in his sack, he showed his family and his son wanted the rock, the farther gave it to him, then he had forgot all about it. From the night he would be haunted by evil in many forms, he was said to have witnessed the Devil himself visit him looking for the black rock in the final days of the haunting, skeleton like corpses were said to haunt his mind and torment him nightly. But it would be days before he remembered about the rock but by the time he had remembered, a dark and evil spirit of a hag like crone had made itself at home in his house. It tormented him and his family for days, jugs exploded and sounds of scratching on the walls along with knocking, the fire would not light nor any candle. He even saw the hag like ghost floating through the house screeching its retched scream and pointing at the black rock.

By the time he realized the rock was to blame he was beside himself. He took the rock from his fire hearth where it had been placed and ran back to the farm at Finchael, he told the farmer what had happened, he demanded to know what the stone was, after all it was on his land and the farmer told him a story. He said "that evil was buried by the Benedictine monks hundreds of years ago. My old Grandpa told me as child about the wise man called Godrik who lived on this site before the monastery was built, he told me about how he was a seer of spirit and an enchanter of wild beasts and went to battle with devil himself, he told me about a witch that terrorized people in the village it was said the Godrik battled the evil witch and buried her below a spelled tomb and inside he buried a Obsidian pyramid that the witch used for scrying and seeing the dead and the future within the rocks black mirrored sides, I was told she would take human blood and poor it over the black rock so she could see the future. Godrik had buried it with the witch’s body and that looks like the black rock you have in your hand.

When I was boy my Grandpa told me many times the old pond by the old farm house was the site of the Black Rock Witch and if I went to close she would reach from her watery grave and drag me down to hell. I always thought it was a story to keep me away from the pond.

But I guess the story was true and the witch and the rock were placed in an old pond, a deep body of water to stop the witch from haunting people".

The workman then told how they were digging and found it, the rock was where the pond used to be but had dried up many years ago. The farmer explained how the slab and rock were used in killing people as offerings to the devil, the rock having a point like a pyramid was lay down on the head of a long slab and would be used to pierce the neck vain of the person been killed, the blood would pool below in the channel and then used in dark rituals. The workman stud there with the rock in his hand, they decided the best would be to throw this old rock in to the deep river. Day later the old slab was also dragged by the farmer down to the river and buried deep in its watery grave.

Now it’s said that the crowns ghost haunts the site of the rock and will still try and drag people down to her watery hell.

When I was boy my Grandpa told me many times the old pond by the old farm house was the site of the Black Rock Witch and if I went to close she would reach from her watery grave and drag me down to hell. I always thought it was a story to keep me away from the pond.

But I guess the story was true and the witch and the rock were placed in an old pond, a deep body of water to stop the witch from haunting people".

The workman then told how they were digging and found it, the rock was where the pond used to be but had dried up many years ago. The farmer explained how the slab and rock were used in killing people as offerings to the devil, the rock having a point like a pyramid was lay down on the head of a long slab and would be used to pierce the neck vain of the person been killed, the blood would pool below in the channel and then used in dark rituals. The workman stud there with the rock in his hand, they decided the best would be to throw this old rock in to the deep river. Day later the old slab was also dragged by the farmer down to the river and buried deep in its watery grave.

Now it’s said that the crowns ghost haunts the site of the rock and will still try and drag people down to her watery hell.

Finchale Plague Hospital

The plague hospital at Finchael Abbey was a make shift hospital for people dying of the Black Death during the 1500's, it was so bad in the City of Durham many of the monks who were not tending to the sick fled to Finchael but so did many of the local villages around the area as they believed god would protect them from the grate plague that swept Europe killing millions.

It must have been a horrific ending as we read in the text about Finchael and how the Abbot of Durham writes 

“so many so sick have tried to hide from this deathly plague that the even the brothers of Finchael are no longer safe, here food is now at famine and the dead have turned the river black with death. Rotting putrid flesh boils by fire to try and end this plague sent by the good god to rid this land of unholy yet they flock to the priory of Finchael for safety and the brothers are suffering.

The beds are all gone and people are now been cared for by the brothers within the refectory and grain stores as the food has all but withered to rot like the flesh of the dying”.

Since the plague hit the Northeast we have had many stories of plague related haunting but here at Finchael we are lucky enough to see the under croft area (during the day only) that was believed to have been used along with the actual refectory. It was here back the early 2000 when Marion Goodfellow the TV psychic was visiting when she picked on an oppressive spirit that haunted the under croft.

People have heard growling sounds come from the room and have even left the place in tears. 

While we were there recording one of our videos for the tour we picked up one a few odd EVP's while down in the undercroft.

local writer Icy Sedgwick was visiting this location a few years back she also had an encounter that could not be explained as black misted shadow charged passed her and a friend, both left feeling a bit shocked at what had just happened.

The Haunted Tunnel - Fiddle Player and his dog

Legend has it that in the eighteenth century the passage was discovered by a blind fiddle player who with his dog walked along the passage while playing the fiddle. The sounds of the fiddle could be heard above ground and this enabled the listeners to follow his course as far as Framwellgate Bridge where the passage was said to pass underneath the River Wear.

Mysteriously upon reaching this point the music stopped and the fiddler was never seen or heard of again. His little dog is said to have turned up later with a ghostly look upon its face but Finchael's secret passage has never been found. Some say that the tunnel runs below the old farm and is a gateway to hell, some people say that it was so full of horrors that it would turn any many crazy. This is said to be by the house is said to be so haunted and so many ghostly sightings have taken place there as the spirits use the tunnel still to this day.

The Legend of Slewfoot The Ghost Monk of Durham

A dark shadowy monk who drags his leg as he walks has been seen by campers by the river bank during the 1980's and 1990's from when the location was used as a campsite. Some say he was the left to die in old hospital built further up on the site. Others say that he was an outcast that lived in the woodland. The location of the old hospital can only be reviled on the ghost walk. This infirmary was the site to where many of the churches monks would perish of the plague and where monks who had said to have gone crazy or been possessed were housed while they tried to cure them by bloodletting and today what we would call torture.

It was during the late 1980's when a local man called Kenneth Strong was just 15 years old, he and another local teenager had snuck in to the private site via an old Victorian bridge which is now gated and chained up. The boys knew of a ghostly story of a women’s apparition that is said to wander the bridge and if you see her you would die that night of fright. Once the boys were on the site they set about making a camp, putting up their tent but what they did not know is that the site they chose was the site of the old infirmary, today it’s just a small ruin in the woods as it was in the 1980s. The boys lit a fire and chatted about the ghost on the bridge but what they did not know is what would happen that night. Kenneth who now lives in Sunderland said that it was just after 9 pm in the summer and the sun had started to fade, a deep cold fell along with a low laying ground mist. It would be shortly thereafter that a bell was first heard ringing the boys became startled but then during the course of the night they could hear the sounds of a moaning man, sounds of phantom cries and heaving breathing. Outside the tent a dark shadow passed with a dragging sound. Kenneth opened the tent zip just slightly and seen a figure of a monk standing by the fire which by now had become just embers. Kenneth and the other boy ripped open the zip and ran as fast as they could, all the time they said they were been followed by a dark shadowy figure that dragged his leg through the bracken and leaves. By the time the boys crossed the bridge the figure faded but they said they could still here his heavy foot and dragging leg echoing through the metal bridge. They boys ran home that night never to return.

The Gray Lady and Her Bairn (Child)

Finchael Priory or better known as the Abbey is the site of many ghostly photos, sighting and even encounters that’s led to tourists fleeing in terror. 

Not only is the site of the supposedly possessed Godric’s burial site also the site where a wooden box that contained an evil killers remains was buried to try and stop a local haunting. The remains were taken from the wall of a haunted house and placed in the box and buried on the holy site.

The main ghostly sighting is that of a lost and lonely lady and her infant child, it’s said that she was murdered but no records have been found to suggest it was recent murder. No one know why she is there but people have witnessed the lady walking in the abbey holding a small child in her arms, some say they can hear a women’s sigh, even a crying sound. One of the stories is that of a nun who had fell pregnant at her convent and was sent to Finchael but died giving birth to her child, both the nun and her child were buried together. Could this be who is seen on the site?

The site is the ruins of a Benedictine Priory that dates back to the 12th Century but has an unknown history. It was here in the 1970's that Henry Watson passed through a heart attack, he claimed to have seen the apparition of a gray lady as he fell holding his chest.

As I write earlier of the gray lady on the bridge that is said to kill anyone who witnesses her spectra, mainly men. One of the many myths is that the lady and her baby were murdered by an angry and abusive husband. It said that the man found his wife had given birth to a dark skinned child, with the man been a fair skin red haired man, he accused her of been a whore and sleeping with a dark skinned man. It’s said that he dragged her and the infant child to the bridge tide up and made her watch as he threw her baby over the side in to the fast flowing river. It’s said that he then tried to take her home to where she escaped and fled to the river looking for her child and was murdered trying to save her baby, is said her husband hit her in the head with a rock to where she also fell in to the river and drowned. Her body was never found but years later a local fisherman found human bones washed up by the Priory and was said to have buried them in the prior grounds. Still to this day she cradles her infant childs blanket as she wanders the river banks and ruin looking for her baby.

Join the Haunting of Finchale Farm, The Ghost Walk and hear more of these stories at the sites to where these ghosts are said to haunt. Tours lasts approx 2 - 2.5 hours - Over 16 years of age ONLY

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A, actually allot of the tour is real, it took us over a year to compile with our researches actually living on the site in hammocks and cooking on open fire bit like Godric did so they could witness the paranormal activity for themselves. As with any ghost story some are legends that we cannot prove but we did not want leave them out as they are amazing stories and some are as old as 800 years and have been passed down through mother and farther to son/daughter, some are myths and some are sadly true tragedies.

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A. No we do not have any fires on this tour. There is no place to have a fire. We do host a haunted woodland tour that starts and ends in a woodland and has a fire in a controlled base camp where we can roast marshmallows and enjoy a hot chocolate. Generally this is where you would be sitting for the evening with ghost stories been told around the fireside. 

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Our Address: Finchale Abbey Touring Park,  Brasside, Durham DH1 5SH

Tel: +44 07525639943

Finchale Priory DH1 5SH

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