Dead Silent | A Newcastle Ghost Walk | Sunday Nights at 7pm | Booking Essential

Dead Silent is our new tour that only runs only a Sunday evening at 7 pm in the darker nights and 9 pm on the lighter nights.

When the living finally rest on that holiest day of the week, the dead rise to wander the streets, old buildings and graveyards. 

We find our best experiences for sightings, sounds and paranormal activity is on a Sunday night when the city is quite, its simple. Less noise from the living the more chance you have to hear, smell and see the dead.

This fantastic new tour is led by Newcastle Highwayman William Long, a lamp lit ghost walk of the dark heart of the city.

Dead Silent mixes our local Newcastle legends, myths and macabre with ghostly stories, real history and tragedy of a life once lived in one of the most haunted cities in the world.

Learn of its underground streets, see the sights of hangings, stand on top of a real dungeon and look down inside where people have seen ghosts you can also stand on top of a plague pit, wander the same dark lanes ghosts have been seen in the DEAD of night but keep you camera ready, your ears open and eyes peeled as 90% of our sightings and experiences take place on a Sunday. From dark shadow people, stone's been thrown, child's sinister laughter, a women crying to military drums, even the smell of horses and coal fires which have long left the city. 

Dead Silent starts at the side of the Castle Keep under the hangman's doorway as show in the image. 

This tour lasts a total of 1.5 hours and takes in many haunted locations in the older part of Newcastle. The tour concludes outside of Lloyds Bar on the Newcastle Quayside, it's one of Newcastle's many haunted old pubs and it dates back to the 1500's.

This tour is suitable for ages 16 years and over but it is an adult tour, although we don't use adult language on this tour the content can be strong and we do try and contact the dead on the tour.. This tour is a historical ghost walk that leads you to parts of old Newcastle you more than likely will have never seen.

Dead Silent is a mixed time period tour that dips in and out of Newcastle's long history, you will hears stories from Roman ghosts, Civil war, 1800s, Newcastle witches, vikings, hangings, medieval Newcastle and much more. 

Tour Infomation

Tour Length: 1.5 hours 

Price Per Person: £9.99

When: Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Age: 16 plus. 


Address: Newcastle Keep, Castle Garth NE11RQ

Meeting Point: The signs as above in the photo.Side of the castle by the roman fort outlines and sign