Children of the Grave - A Dark Victorian Ghost Walk in Newcastle upon Tyne

Children of the Grave is a dark and sinister victorian ghost walking tour that brings the dead back to life in this ghastly tour of Newcastle twisted history related to that which has left old buildings, back lanes, graveyards and old archers haunted by the Children of the Grave.

People often think of child like ghosts are harmless but the reality is totally different, from screeching apparitions seen in graveyards to violent hauntings, these tragic tales bring to life a dark victorian secret side of old Newcastle highlighting its past with child slave labour victorian child murders, poverty and disease on the Tyne and the reality of ghostly children that haunt this ancient city.

The victorians had a very strange relationship with death, often mothers were hidden in photos draped in black holding on to dead children that had passed away, posing to take a photo before their loved one would be committed to the grave. 

See real photos from around Newcastle of these strange and haunting death photos and hear of the stories that accompany them. 

This tour takes in victorian lanes and buildings, old cobble pathways and haunted locations all related to the Children of the Grave.

Your tour guide may have with him a real haunted victorian doll that contains dead human hair! 

This victorian ghost walk starts at the Black Gate in Newcastle by the banner signs on the grass, just to the right of the Black Gate. Your Victorian ghost walk guide will be awaiting your arrival to take you to the many haunted sites and to retell all of the dark history related to the many child hauntings in Newcastle upon Tyne. He will also have some victorian spirit communication devices that he will use to try and speak with the dead.

This tour is a victorian time period based tour set within 1800's Newcastle upon Tyne. 

It has a dark connection to the spirit world with your guide lighting your way just by candle lamp alone, no torches or modern trappings. Your guide will set the scene and lead you down a path of spine chilling true stories to the old graveyard where 3 ghostly children have been seen to old orphanage, wash houses and even the site of a victorian school disaster, old children's debtors prison, the fire of Newcastle site and concludes in an old haunted graveyard on the Newcastle Quayside. 

Tour Infomation

Tour Length: 2 hours 

Price Per Person: £9.99

When: Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Age: 16 plus. 

Address and Booking

Address: The Black Gate Newcastle NE11RQ

Meeting Point: The signs as above in the photo.

Please contact us to book this tour 075256399432