Newcastle's Black Death Ghost Walk ~ £9.99 pp ~ Private Tours Only

Howling shrieks, banging doors, fowl smells and phantom dark figures await you at the many haunted plague site of Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Our unique ghost walk and the only walk like it OUTSIDE of London takes you on a fascinating, ghastly journey through old Newcastle’s haunted plague streets and graveyards.

  • Discover the many plague pits where thousands of the victims are still buried till this very day that’s led to many haunting’s and encounters with the dead!

  • Walk with our black robed ‘Plague Doctor’ who uses an old candle lit lamp to guide your path.

  • You will; be visiting the ancient streets and see real homes and buildings of the time where the plague killed all inside as these buildings still stand today.

  • Visit the haunted graveyard where the hill is so high as so many plague victim lay at unrest below it!

  • You will be passing the spot where the terrible Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead began many years later.

  • Reveling in tales of ‘Bring out your dead’, the dreadful ‘shutting up’ of houses and bizarre plague treatments including using human feces as a skin ointment!

You will also enjoy terrific views and hear stories about some of Newcastle’s most famous city landmarks during this time of plague including: The Castle of Newcastle, The Original Tyne Bridge, the medieval Quayside along with seeing places of execution and murder.

You will never look at our haunted city in the same way again as you will be haunted by the reality that it could all happen again today!

Newcastle's Plague History of 1636 The Black Death

The year, 1636 and old Newcastle on Tyne is in the shadow of the Black Death and over half the town is dead...

In time when witches were real but nothing was feared as much as the plague, people believed god had turned his back upon them and for them who had the puss oozing boils of rotting putrid flesh such as mother refused child and brother refused brother as if they never knew them, man turned its back on man and family on family.

As society crumbles, religious sectors sprang from the ashes of the dead challenging the churches and making cults of death that marched upon our streets with red crosses painted upon hoods as they whipped their flesh with knotted cords In a pennants to god in a hope they would survive, plague doctors refused to visit any home as there was no money to be made as no one survived the Black Death. 

Every door had the cross of death painted upon its wood, a stalk warning that them inside were doomed to die. 

There was no hope and life unraveled, the streets of old Newcastle grew grass as over half of our ancient city are now dead, neighbors turn on neighbor as religious fear strikes the living and anyone thought to have brought about the plague were dragged from their homes kicking and screaming, interrogated by evil means and the burnt alive once found guilty. Man found a way to clear debts with murder and for many people the Black Death was an opportunity to take from the weak, farmsteads fell in to ruin and fields were left fallow. Over 80% Jarrow had died.

Here in Newcastle the Black Death ravished the Sandhill on the Quayside from where it started and spread throughout the town from home to home. This horrific Black Death that led man to murder, rob and commit suicide, it left a bloody past in old Newcastle. 

Ever since then we have been left with haunted old buildings, lanes and walk ways. Houses built in mass plague pits where the dead are at unrest and forever to wander the earth..

Now you too can wander the old cobble lanes with our plague doctor and actually see the site where people even the police have witnessed a dark figure walking the old road in the Castle Garth dressed or described as the plague doctor.

See the houses that were left abandoned by the Black Death as all who lived inside died slow agonizing deaths that’s led to a lifetime of haunting’s, as there soul never departed the buildings or streets, from crying wailing sounds to phantom shadows which lurk.

"Remember your scents to help stop the contagion, fumigations of pitch and body with rosin, and frankincense should work upon this airborne pestilence".


Please note this tour is a seasonal tour, subject to availability and available ONLY for private bookings of 10 people and over

Cost £9.99 per person ~ Duration approx 2 hours 

The Plague Doctor

To many the Plague Doctor is a dark and evil man, sinister in his means, charging the sick to end their lives and prod them with his stick. See the Plague Doctor was not always there to cure but to also end your life with a arsenic or acid. Sometimes he would smash down the door of your home and as you and your family screamed out for god he would dispatch you and your children with a blade, axe or hammer. In the beginning though the Plague Doctor was to try and identify and help but once they realised that there was no hope they started to make money from murder. 

But the question I have is, will you trust our plague doctor? Or will he take your life!

Private Group Bookings!

Wht not book our Black Death Ghost Walk for a something difrent to do in Newcastle uppon Tyne. We can incorperate plague pubs and graveyard seances along with ghost hunting tools. Fore more info, call us on 07525639943 or message us below! 

School Bookings

Are you looking for a dark plague history tour where the kids can smell the real herb mixes that where used, watch as our plague doctor uses "fake" poop as a skin ointment! Dont fear though as when he eats it, its just peanut butter extra chunky! But the kids dont know that!!

Our tours are led by a full costume plague doctor with a mask that has been adapted so he can speak clear and loud. You will visit real plague pits, plague houses with actual histor and one or two ghosts or you can do our family verson of the Black Death Ghost Walk.

Call us today on 07525639943 or message us below, we have fill insurence and risk assesments at the ready.

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