Hunting the Dead - A Guide To Setting up a Ghost Hunting Team - E-book


In this fantastic ebook Steve gives you all the infomation needed to create a ghost hunting team, club or paranormal investiagtion unit. 

Steve gives you the best advice on paranormal tools to dangers of the industry even advice on creatinga team identity to buying insurance and booking haunted locations to private investiagtion.

Its the only ebook you will need that will guide and help you setup a new ghost hunting team.

What You’ll Find Here... In this book i aim to give you all the information and tips needed to setup a ghost hunting team for hobby based ghost hunts that will eventually lead to private investigation to where you can help the public if you wish. I will give you as much information as possible from insurance requirements to hiring haunted locations and finding them to finding team members, what to expect on a ghost hunt along with tips and advice from my 20 plus years of been part of ghost hunting teams and creating some amazing teams over the years thats gone on to launch radio shows, magazines and who have writen books.

Buy NOW for only £4.99 When you buy the ebook you will recive a email within 48 hours of purchase with a link to the ebook! You can read the book or download the book to enjoy later. The book is via Google Dive and Google Documents. 

NEED ASSSIATANCE? If you need more information the please email or call 07525639943.


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