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Newcastle Ghost Walks are often imitated but NEVER Recreated! We are the leading ghost walk, Haunted Tours, Grisly History and Paranormal Entertainment Company in NEWCASTLE North East England. 

Haunted City Tours host the most extreme to family friendly ghost walks and haunted tours since 2007.

Haunted City Tours have been running as Alone in the Dark Entertainment for almost a decade, we host the best ghost walks and haunted events in various locations around the Newcastle City such as the Newcastle Castle Keep, The Castle Garth, The Black Gate in Newcastle, Newcastle Quayside, Newcastle Black Fryers along with ghost walks in Washington Village and Washington Old Hall Tyne & Wear, Private ghost walks of Hedworth Hall Sunderland, Tyne Mouth Village and Priory, Finchael Abby in County Durham wihich is our most scary tour todate, Private tours in Berwick, Alton Towers, Reycroft Hall, Sunderland Air Craft Museum (NEAM), Kielder Castle, Souter Lighthouse and many more locations around the UK.

We were the first to bring you the award winning Newcastle Ghost walking Tour 'Till Death Do Us Part' ghost walk in 2006 and established the first ever paranormal entertainment company in 2007. Alone in the Dark Entertainment also hosted the Newcastle Keep Ghost Hunts every weekend since 2007 to 2014 and sold three franchises in the UK. We no longer offer ghost hunts to the public as a company as we don’t see it as a viable business option due to the paranormal entertainment industry been saturated with imitation groups all selling the same events to a select customer base. When we started there was only 3 companies hosting ghost hunts for the public in the UK and the times were good, new locations and a fantastic opportunity to carve out our own path but sadly fakers, con men and scammers took over and with almost 400 groups in a 100 mile area of our business we decided to move on from public ghost hunts and focus on what started it all, our ghost walking tours and private ghost hunts for groups.

Our ghost walks are more than just a haunted history walk, each ghost walk is different, some like the Extreme Ghost Walk use paranormal tools and Ouija Board, others like the Newcastle Witches Ghost Walk use real witchcraft to bring you closer to the reality of fear, our pub walks are based around haunted pubs and comedy.

All of our tours have been carefully researched throughout the years with 1000's of hours of research with help from such people like Paul Mc Donald historian and head warden from Castle Keep, local author Darrin W Rittson, local writer for the Shields Gazette and author Mike Hallowell, author Toney Liddell, Ged Lynn genealogical expert, Chris Felton and Rob Davies from Metro radio and NE1fm along with help from many historians from Newcastle University to Oxford and with help from the Lit and Phil libraries, Newcastle tourist information, online archives and bloggers plus many more through the years. Our tours are based on real history but we often find that through each telling of the story from generation to generation the stories change become darker and more sinister and through our years we have our own stories from our own paranormal experiences during the tours and from the many ghost walkers, ghost hunters and writers close calls with the dead. All our tours and events are for entertainment and as much as we would love for the dead to show themselves but it is very rare even on the extreme tours but some people will see, hear, smell and feel things that can’t be explained.

Skeptics! Well we can do without the headache and we surely don’t need your custom. Open minded skeptics are fine but ignorant fools need not attend any of our tours or events as you just spoil it for everyone on the tour. However we do host a Comedy Ghost Walk for people that scoff at the belief in ghosts and mediums.

We have been featured in over 14 different books by local authors on ghosts and history along with TV productions and been featured on the Travel channel, Discovery, BBC weather, ITV news and channel 4 documentaries plus much more. We have helped behind the scenes on movies and TV shows with our content and actors along with helping major brands in marketing such as Jim Beam with Halloween celebrations, along with record labels for music video shoots and taking their artists of guided tours when they visit our city. We have had such artists as Alice Cooper, Wednesday 13, Skid Row, Scootch, Sting and many more.

We hope you will ghost walk with us in old Newcastle upon Tyne but be warned that death may follow in your shadow as we follow in it!

We offer 6 Ghost Walks!

Choose from 6 ghost walks in Newcastle plus our one off ghost walks and haunted tours around the UK all with the most entertaining tour guides at the most haunted places in Newcastle upon Tyne. Click here

Victorian Ghost Walk in Newcastle

The Victorian Ghost Walk of Victorian Newcastle visits the site of an old toy makers work shop where many children perished in a tragic fire while working to make wax dolls with real human hair. To this day people have heard crying sounds, smell smoke and have seen ghostly children.

See the site of the barber surgeons and hear the horrific stories of self mutilation and the body trade that happend in Newcastle's dark backstreets. Read More...

Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walk Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne has a dark heart where evil resides, loomed over by a brutal dark prison that casts a foreboding shadow over the old blood stained cobbles where yellow street lamps give glimpses of the Newcastle's ghostly past deep inside the Castle's outer walls where death still resides to this very day and where lost souls of times forgotten wars, murder, suicide, plagues and pestilence still wander its gray foggy pathways, lurking in old stairwells and doorways are phantom shadows. 

That place is the Newcastle, Castle Garth where they say there is a ghost story to be told every 15 feet with more ghost photos been caught here than anywhere in the UK. Read More...

Extreme Ouija Board Ghost Walk Newcastle

The Extreme Ghost Walk of Newcastle Upon Tyne is a 2 ½ hour OUTDOOR extreme ghost walking tour that will take you to visit up to 7 haunted paranormal hot spots and locations of murder and tragedy to try and contact the dead and provoke a response from something dark. You will take part in paranormal experiments, Ouija boards & séances. You will also hear true ghost stories and learn of the history of these locations! Please note this is an outdoor tour and not inside the Castle Keep. Read More...

Newcastle Witches Ghost Walk

See the sights of one of Newcastle’s witch prisons to where we will re-in act a fun but wicked persecution of one of the ghost walkers. With crowd participation the guide will bring to life the darkness of witch’s night, 1649 a night that seen the Newcastle witch trials start with the ring of a bell and greed along with a lust for torture will ignite the witch hunts of Newcastle that result in over 30 people locked in 2 prisons in the city, some accused of murder, some of bloodletting and others of dark folk magic. Read More...

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