The Black Gate Barbican Newcastle

 Black Gate

Castle Garth, Newcastle Upon Tyne


Friday 27th April 2012

7 pm until 1 am


Origin of the haunting: Dates from 450ad to present, war, murder, general life, plague, suicide, one of the most Haunted Buildings in the north of England with over 400 attacks on people by what some say are GHOSTS!

Background: The Black Gate was the last part of the defense of the castle of Newcastle upon Tyne, added 1247-1250, and formed an additional, projecting, gateway or barbican to the earlier north gate of the castle. The barbican consisted of a gatehouse flanked by two half-drum towers with a narrow high-walled passage to the rear, placed at an angle to the castle curtain walls thus making it vulnerable to fire from the defenders. There was a drawbridge to the front (west) and another to the rear, both now replaced by wooden footbridges. The gatehouse passage could be sealed by a portcullis, the grooves for which are still visible, and a double gates.

This is also the site to Tomes Herron the Sheriff of Northumberland 1227-1258 Formerly the High Sheriff was the principal law enforcement officer in the county and responsible for many deaths by hanging drawing and quartering then displaying the remains of the mutilated upon the walls of the Black Gates and Castle with human heads setherd and placed upon the walls and sticks of the entry to the Black Gate Barbican. The Black Gate was also the site of many corpses hung by the gallows and displayed in iron cages as a warning to any man or woman that dare cross the sheriff or crown.

The height of the medieval building is unknown; the present upper floors, roof and false arch over the gateway were added in the early 17th century when the gatehouse was rebuilt by Alexander Stephenson, a court favorite of James I who was granted a lease of the whole castle. Later it was occupied by Patrick Black, a London merchant, and Barbara his wife. From whom the gatehouse acquired its present name.

In the 17th century houses were built along both sides of the defended passageway. A public house was opened in part of the Black Gate, run by John Pickells whose name and the date 1636, can still be seen high up on the south-west wall, from this time onwards it gave way to many brutal murders and violent theft, prostitution was rife with no police allowed in the castle Garth until 1900s, this made it one of England’s most violent and dangers slums. The police were not allowed in as it was out of the Newcastle Constabulary’s jurisdiction as the castle and the Garth was under Northumberlands rule. We did not see the police in the Garth until 1910 to when it changed to Northumbria Police. During this time it was a safe haven for smugglers and pirates, scumbags of every kind lived within the walls. Many died by contracting disease, some committed suicide by burning them self alive or cutting their throats. Grave robbery was also known at the Cathedral of St Nicholas, these men and woman who committed such crime lived at the Black Gate and inside the castle walls.

By the early 19th century the Black Gate had become a slum tenement, at one time housing 60 people. The Black Gate was leased to the Society of Antiquaries, who extensively restored it between 1883 and 1885, and have occupied the building as a meeting place and library until moving in 2009 to the new Great North Museum: Hancock to where Alone In The Dark Entertainment have full access to the Black Gate.

Ghost story: This Location has so many ghost stories. Some of the main ghost stories. 

There has been over 400 people attacked while on the Newcastle Ghost Walks, the attacks are often mysteries, some have been grabbed, shaken, bitten, burnt, slapped, groped as well as full sightings of a young girl, a man holding a bundle of blankets as if holding a baby. A lady with gray hair has been seen standing on the Balcony rubbing her hands together as she listened in on a Victorian Murder Tour, the old lady turned and faded from site in the once abandoned building to the amazement of 15 witness’s. The Outer part of the building and the old execution site has seen stones been thrown, rocks as well as glass and even shilling coins have been thrown and hit people on the tours.

A number of people have passed out and one lady was attacked so bad she was left with scratch marks bleeding down her left Brest and back while she translated the tour guides stories. One medium claimed that it was due to the guides having spiritual protection and she did not so it attacked her. Over the past 5 years since the Ghost Tours started there have been many of the staff who have encounters the lost souls of the Black Gate, Richey Dowling one of the old Ghost Walk security fled and quite his job after been attacked and growled at by a black mass, on the night a group of Ghost Walkers entered the Black Gate to when they all thought they had seen a black shadow of a man step back into the dark gateway, upon Richey’s inspection something lunged for him snarling and vanished leaving the security in a state of panic as he was a total skeptic.

Haunting type: Poltergeist Activity, Apparition, sounds, orbs, ectomist, stone tape theory moving objects, Electrical problems, violent attacks on members of the public and police.

 Full Investigation undertaken by Dead Air Radio and rated: EXTREME

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What's Included - All our Ghost Hunts include FULL use of all our scientific & spiritual equipment, latest in EVP technology and real-time playback, experienced team leaders to guide you through the night, lone vigils, group experiments, seances etc We have a qualified First Aider at every event and hold Public Liability Insurance. We also include tea & coffee refreshments plus a freshly made light buffet!  No need to bring your own refreshments or food we have it covered!

That’s Entertainment! - Although we use the word “Entertainment” in our company and advertising these events are not fake or made to be light hear-ted. All our events are the most full on investigations you will ever do. We have found ways in the locations to make sure you’re not just sitting around waiting for something to happen! That’s not what we want. You will have the same experience as a full investigation using all the same tools and having the same frights and experience’s. 

Special FX NOT USED - We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity on the night but we can guarantee you anything you experience is genuine and NOT staged.  We do not use actors, special effects, sounds effects etc. We do not use paid mediums or psychics. Alone In The Dark Entertainment is as a professional company and we deliver the highest standard of service possible.  A service not guaranteed with research, non-profit groups & new groups.  Any haunting evidence captured will be investigated and de-bunked if found to be non paranormal.

Customers Health & Safety - our customers and staff safety is our first priority which is why we limit the number of attendees to 25 or 30 depending on the size of the location. Some paranormal groups continuously break the MAXIMUM CAPACITY LIMIT putting themselves and their customers are risk. For your safety and enjoyment we ensure we never 'pack' in customers at a location! You can ensure a safe and comfortable ghost hunt with Alone In The Dark Entertainment. 



Why not spend a night in Newcastle's most hunted buildings, The Black Gate with Alone In The Dark Entertainment and Ghost Hunter Team UK?

 This location is EXCLUSIVE to Alone In The Dark Entertainment!

With hundreds of ghost stories and claimed sightings, join the team for a night you will never forget and a chance to see for yourself just who haunts The Black Gate!

FULL use of all our scientific & spiritual equipment, latest in EVP technology and real-time playback, experienced team leaders to guide you through the night, lone vigils, group experiments, seances etc We have a qualified First Aider at every event and hold Public Liability Insurance. We also include tea & coffee refreshments plus a freshly made light buffet!  No need to bring your own refreshments or food we have it covered!




Friday 27th April 2012

7 pm until 1 am

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