Steve Taylor ~ Founder of Haunted City Tours, the Newcastle Keep Ghost Hunts & Haunted City Tours / Alone In The Dark Entertainment

The Newcastle Ghost Walks, created and launched by entrepreneur Steve Taylor in 2006 and seen its first sell-out Halloween in 2007. It was created to give people a taste of what Steve does for his community, see Steve is a business man by day, but while others sleep Steve is often the one searching the darkness for answers to that age old question. Do ghost exist?

Steve Taylor on the left of the photo with David Marshall demonologist at Newcastle Keep, Steve is a well respected paranormal investigator, often classed as the last call in many cases that turn out to be too extreme for most ghost hunters. He has worked on over 800 cases in the UK in 20 years and has worked with some of the UK’s top paranormal investigators on some of the most scary cases noted by the press and unknown to anyone but the victims, Steve is a members of NARS.

He is proud to call such well known names in the paranormal community as friends, such as Michel J Hallowell, Darren W Ritson, Tony Liddell, Chris Felton, Rob Davis, David Marshall and so many more.

Steve started his idea of taking people in to haunted buildings back when he was just 17 years old in 1998, his idea was to find the answers he had grown up wanting to know.

Steve had grown up in a haunted house, he and his family have many stories of the dead, the ghostly goings on at his home and it even made the press a few years after his family had moved away. It was written about by Alan Robson from Metro Radio and the house was feared by the local spiritualist church. It was known as one of the most haunted houses they had ever visited. But that’s a different story for another time.

With Steve having so many strange encounters that could not be explained it put him on a path, a fascination with ghosts, from an early age he would read ghost story books and was inspired by such tails of terror.

With this Steve eventually would end up working in a business which he coined and termed the “Paranormal entertainment industry” a business created around the idea of ghost, haunting’s and stories of the dead.

Steve had an idea when he was just young, he wanted to take people to his house he grew up in, people often did not believe the stories he told about growing up in such a hunted Victorian house so he set about taking friends to the old house which lay empty for over 20 years before been knocked down for new houses to be built.

But word spread about the house through the local teenagers and before long Steve was charging money for guided tours with his stories at night and naturally this led to them spending nights in the house searching for the dead which led to the UK’s first public ghost hunts although it was not technically all above board but it let him experiment with ghost hunting and what worked and what did not.

This was not on a commercial scale yet, but eventually would go on to let Steve launch and founder many ghost hunting teams and groups, sell on tour companies and create franchises in the UK.

What many don’t realize is that there would be no paranormal industry in the North of England if Steve had not brought his style of ghost hunting. When he created his first official company Alone In The Dark Entertainment there were no other paranormal entertainment teams in the UK apart from one, which is called Fright Nights, one of the first to actually sell ghost hunts to the public officially.

Steve’s first real big case would be the Castle Keep in Newcastle upon Tyne, Steve first went to the castle which had been used by another team called Twilight Worlds that were a large group of hobby style ghost hunters who used to get the public to come along to cover the hire fees, this was headed up by Mike J Hallowell and many other well known local ghost hunters but they had not been back for many years.

So Steve set about creating the first public ghost hunts in Newcastle and launched what would become a highly successful career at the Newcastle Keep for almost ten years.

Steve clocked almost 2000 hours inside the castle on investigation and training up other teams in the area. Steve created the ghostly legends of the castle and brought about its notorious ghostly goings on along with a mixture of some very cleaver advertising the Castle Keep ghost hunts were launched along with the first UK haunted camp outs and specialist events like the Blackout events and many more which are all now imitated by other companies in the UK.

Business weekly magazine classed Steve as a pioneer in the “paranormal entertainment industry”.

Steve took the castle from strength to strength and seen over 30.000 people through his company in ten years.

Steve leads a tour of Jedbrugh jail

Steve in costume for the Newcastle Ghost Walks 2007

Steve on the bike, filming for his TV show!

Steve has also worked in the media on TV shows, he also piloted for his own show but it was due to be aired just as Most Haunted was ousted for been fakes and the TV industry dropped it in fear of a backlash from the public. It was a show that followed Steve on his Harley to the UK’s haunted historical and to sleazy locations, such as a nightclub, strip bars, pubs and ex gangland areas. Steve walked in their footsteps bring the stories to life of such gangster like the Kray Twins, visiting the graveyard where many people believe they hid many dead bodies of their victims along with the Highgate vampire killings in London where he spent time alone in the haunted locations, just him and his camera.

Steve also went on to join forces with Metro Radio’s Chris Felton and NE1fm’s Rob Davies to launch the UK’s first ever FM paranormal radio show, a show dedicated to only the paranormal which airs every Monday night from 9 pm on NE1fm 102.5.

Steve Taylor truly has left a legacy in the North of England as one of its top paranormal investigators, a true business man that laid the pathway for the paranormal entertainment industry to grow and with over 300 companies now in the North of England alone he definitely needs recognition for his achievements.

Steve has since sold the ghost hunting side of his business after new management of the castle keep tried to steal his business from under him and host their own events but maid the fatal mistake of having the castle exorcised and today the building is a shadow of its former self, once one of the most haunted castle’s in the UK today is a empty shell of nothing. However after the failed attempt of doing it themselves they had no choice but to invite the ghost hunting companies back but with the building been dead the customers just complain. It was a sad end to a very successful career at the castle, from it been a once a failing dust filled old empty building to the soaring profits it would make but under new and bad management would end it and see its haunted heritage dwindle and Steve would have to let go of 14 staff, it had a knock on effect that seen Steve sell his franchises off to save his company.

Today Steve is retired from private cases after the Hendon poltergeist case which sealed the deal for him and was his final case which almost killed him.

Today Steve sold everything apart from the ghost walks which have won many awards, have been featured along with Steve in 14 different books.

In 2015 Steve took his company up a notch and created The Haunting of Finchale Farm which brought Steve out of retirement for a year where he spent it investigating the land at Finchale. He also launched the Black Death Plague tour of Newcastle which is the UK’s only plague tour outside of London.

Today Steve teaches outdoor education such as survival, even surfing as a part time interest and owns many companies, he buys failing businesses and rebuilds them and then sells them on. He is part retired at age 33 and spends most of his life travelling and surfing in the UK.

Today Steve is very much a "free spirit", wandering in the land of living instead of the dead...

~ Steve Taylor ~
~ Ghost Hunter ~ 

Steve fetured in many books, on TV, radio and press

Steve during filming for ITV at a seance in Castle Keep.

Steve leads an investigation 2008 at Marsden Grotto.

A young Steve at hist first window display at Newcastle tourist info in 2006, advertising the launch on the ghost walks in Newcastle.

Steve with the highway robber as he launches Washington's first and only ghost walk and makes the press again!

Steve and Chris launch the UK's first FM paranormal radio show, Halloween 2010, live from Newcastle Keep!

A fan sends in an image of Steve live on ITV for Halloween ghost fest at Newcastle Keep as he went for the world record for longest haunted walk through event.

Steve filming for his TV show!

Steve today in his VW that he and his partner and dog spend most of the time in, going surfing and living life.

Steve now lives in Cornwall, spends time enjoying the happy side of life. His ghost hunting days are now a thing of his very spooky past!