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A ghost walk that Explores some of Newcastle Quayside’s most haunted sites...

See Newcastle’s most haunted Castle: The Newcastle Castle Keep. You will start your ghost walk from its steep steps, you’ll hear stories of the Castle’s more bizarre and permanent tenants. Hear the gruesome saga of the Castles Black Monk, the Cholera victims lost souls and the paranormal attacks on staff, visitors and ghost walkers.

You will Join us as we explore the Newcastle Quayside’s most haunted ghost sites and haunted places as you spend time with the dead as your tour includes a night time séance at an abandoned haunted graveyard sited on All Hollows Lane and a place that’s been associated with occult sacrifice, devil worship and vampirism. 

On the ghost walk you visit the side of the wall where many a Scotsman was brutally killed in our civil war but you won’t be travelling alone in the dark, down its old cobbled pathways as the presence of death can felt behind you as your skin crawls hearing of the bloody massacre of the Scottish and English fighters.

Have your photo taken at the site of Henry Hardwick’s murder, where his ghost is said to wander the cold stairwell on the old Newcastle Quayside on dark foggy nights, stand where many passes by have seen the spectra lurking in its dark doorway, people have heard phantom footsteps and have been shoved by ghostly hands.

Newcastle's Quayside Ghost Walk would not be complete if you did not take in the amazing views of the Tyne Bridge and the riverside at night. On our walk we will be stopping at the old Town Hall the site of the Newcastle Witch trials to hear of the ghostly going on inside what is now a thriving pub where even the staff had extremely scary encounters and phantom fires.

As your pass by each site we will regale the old stories of pick pockets, prostitutes, pirates and smugglers, vile murders as we arrive upon the old prison transportation dock, the last place you stood on English soil before been shipped to Australia for your crimes. 

The Quayside ghost walk would not be complete if we did not make our way along the sites where many a Geordie burned alive in the great fire of Newcastle and Gateshead destroying lives and homes. You will then arrive at the foot of all Hollows Lane and in front of us stands an abandoned church with boards on its windows and keep out signs on its overgrown graveyard. This is where we keep the best for almost last, as you enter the graveyard one by one, the city light fade in to a mix of giant old trees and grave stones, here there we will rein act a graveyard séance where people have seen a ghostly glowing light float through the graveyard.

The Newcastle Quayside Ghost Walk is not like any tour you've taken before!  We've been thrilling our audiences for almost a decade and all of us including the dead are waiting for you to be next in line for a frightmare. This tour is interactive and takes crowd participation to make the tour a night to remember. You will use your phone as a ghost hunting tool during the tour to capture photos of ghosts, sounds of the dead and videos of the haunted walkways.

Be Warned! Ghost tours run rain or shine. We run on dark and stormy nights! Comfortable shoes are recommended so that you don’t become dead on your feet during the time you spend in the haunted areas and taking part in our ghostly tour. This tour is OUTDOORS so please dress for old cobble pathways, grassy areas and old steps, cold weather and ghostly chills. 


Please note this tour is a seasonal tour, subject to availability and available ONLY for private bookings of 10 people and over . STRICTLY OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE ONLY - NO person under the age of 18 is allowed on this tour!

Cost £9.99 per person ~ Duration approx 2 hours 


Book your ghost walk now, pay just £3.99 deposit and the rest on the night! All tickets are valid for 12 months!

Private Booking!

Why not book a private tour just for you and your friends. We can arrange a meal during the tour as one of the stops before been led to the haunted graveyard. You can choose any night or day at any time, even midnight tours! Message Haunted City Tours for more information.

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