Newcastle Anomalous Research Society - N.A.R.S

Newcastle Anomalous Research Society is scientific based research and none profit society that looks in to the irregular side of unexplained scientific study and in to the occult practice in the UK.

Known by its members as NARS, we are a `secret society’ that not just anyone can become a member of but we do accept applications via members such as Steve Taylor.

NARS is not something you will find online and generally you need to be recommended to become part of it or even meet its members. We do have our own society building and office but once again this is not something we advertise or you can visit.

NARS is a collection of educated minds, writers, professors, scientists, MP’s and businessmen.

We don’t just take on "any case" and we do not investigate "cases" per say, we study the scientific evidence gathered by other research groups in the UK on behalf of the UK police, Universities, Government and Corporate Clients.

Steve Taylor is a known member of NARS and has the current permission to us the NARS logo and information within his tours, Steven has been a major part of this society and inexhaustible investigator with Newcastle Anomalous Research Society for the last 20 years.

Steve is a dedicated long term member of the society and is a good point of contact for the general public who wish to know more about “ghost hunting” in general and will advise on local hobby groups for you to get in contact with.

Please note that NARS will not speak to press or deal with any press or public that are looking for “ghost hunts” this is not what NARS do in any form.

Some of the myths about NARS:

Myth: NARS are part of the freemasons?

Response: NARS have many members from many backgrounds, we cannot confirm if any are Freemasons.

Myth: NARS are a satanic cult?:

Response: NARS has no position on religion and look to all sources of belief and study to understand any evidence related to the paranormal.

Myth: NARS are the illuminate?:

Response: NARS will not confirm any connection to any branch of the Bavarian  Illuminati as this is NARS business of its own members and orders within NARS.

Myth: NARS carry-out research, linking to Hitler’s Occult Practices?

Response: NARS research all aspects of the unexplained.

Myth: NARS have a secret handshake and greeting that only its members know?

Response: We are secret society, what we do is no one else’s business but our business.

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