Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre Ghost Hunt


"It is said that people on one side of the Morecambe Winter Gardens stage are sometimes harassed by an evil spiritual entity with enough anger to push, poke or even slap them."

Morecambe Winter Gardens is an old theatre with a haunting style too its old decor. It is said that the building, which dates back to 1870 and sits on the front pier of Morecambe, has a good side and a pure evil side that results in Morecambe Winter Gardens been the site for TV shows such as Most Haunted and many radio shows.

Series 10 of Living TV’s Most Haunted 2009. At the time well known Psychic Artist Medium Brian Sheperd who Investigated Morecambe Winter Gardens with Most Haunted. Brian Sheperd  was reported to have said he picked up that they had good and evil in the old Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre. The first night was spent in the ‘good side’ of the theatre and the second night in the “evil half”.

Join our the Haunted North West ghost hunting team lead by Colin Thomson as they take you deep within the haunted Morecambe Winter Gardens for a full night of paranormal investigation using the best in ghost hunting tools. The team put their skills to the test as you and Haunted North West venture deep in to the darkness of Morecambe Winter Gardens.

Haunted North West see the Morecambe Winter Gardens as there ghost hunting home. They have spent many a night in lock down in full paranormal investigation inside its old walls.
The building has also been used by the RAF. The air force is also included in the paranormal encounters and alongside heat spots some visitors have reported seeing a woman dressed in a RAF uniform.

There have been many ghost sightings at Morecambe Winter Gardens and strange unnerving feelings of being pushed by unseen hands on the staircase and in Particular areas of the Theatre a foreboding feeling is sensed.

Witnesses on previous Investigations whilst under the stage have heard terrifying breathing sounds very close to their ears. Dark figures, shapes and Shadows have also been seen by visitors to this Location.

This eerie place is not one for the faint hearted and Haunted North West full access to the Morecambe Winter Gardens for a full eerie evening all the way through the night for a in depth ghost hunt. 

We host overnight ghost hunts, evening ghost hunts, ghost walks and team buidling nights along with birthdays, works nights out at Morecambe Winter Gardens.

For a private booking please call us on 0191 4400078 to have a chat and to let us see what we can do fot you. 

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  • "We have just got back from our night out, we started with a ghost walk with Steve and i have never jumped so much and been so scared, we all had a fantastic night and we will al..."
    Angle and the Spooky Girls
    So creepy, we loved it!
  • "Hi Steve, Thought you might be interested in the recording I took from the Duffy house last night, sounds like there's responses to the last two questions - spooky, I'm pretty s..."
    Customer - Ghost Walks - June 2015
  • "Hello All, I just wanted to email on behalf of the team to say we had a brilliant night. We found the whole tour very informative and both fun. The team could not fault it. Ag..."
    L Caffrey
    Customer - Halloween Ghost Tour November 2014

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