The Haunting of Finchale Farm (The Haunted Campout)


What can be scarier than actually heading out in to an unknown woodland, 2miles from any help where no one can hear your screams, all set in a haunted woodland by the flicker of a open campfire by the river, ghosts linger where the sounds of knocking hammers still resonate from the haunted mineshafts, dark figures wander the scared land by day and night. Your only hope of some kind of survival is survival itself.

This is the first ever Haunted Expedition mixing woodland survival deep inside a haunted woodland.

The Haunted Expedition Back Story

The camp was originally setup for bushcraft and survival courses but within days of the camp been established the haunting started, it was first witnessed by survival instructors while setting up and cleaning the woodland, a dark ominous figure was witnessed standing on a old woodland path and vanishing behind trees yet no foot prints could be found by our expert trackers. An odd drumming sound would echo through the woods as if a person was playing a single military drum yet no one could find where the sound came from. Staff and bushcrafters feel like your are been followed and watched throughout the woodland. Dogs bark at things we can't see and some refuse to enter the woods at all...

Over the course of 8 months in 2014 campers and bushcrafters would be met by a challenging dark figure in the night with phantom footsteps outside there tents, so much so customers left so scared they could barely walk for the sounds of heavy hammering on rocks that fills the air along with scratching voices and deep moans sent staff and survivalist fleeing the woodland only to get to their vehicles where they would not start and people felt trapped in a real haunting. By sunrise they could leave the site and would never return! 

We were called in to the site to investigate the haunting’s. After much consideration and realising this will be an ongoing haunting we have done a deal with the bushcraft and survival school knowing that the general public won’t use the site, so we have now taken on this haunted woodland and agreed to help keep the site going by employing the bushcraft and survival staff, we know of Victorian killings, suicides and war acts along with sad fatal accidents on the site.

We now have this site and you now have the chance to bring your tent or hammock and spend the night in the haunted woods and investiagting a old ruin with a dark haunted chamber.

"This expedition is a mix of wild camping, bushcraft, survival and ghost hunting on an extremely scary once in a lifetime haunted expedition for you the victims".

The Haunted Ruin with Private Access Just for us!

As part of this terrifying night you will be heading off in groups of a max of 5 to visit a large haunted ruin with 1000 years of unknown and dark history that was once a major monastery, this ruin has sinister underground large chamber where a dark shadow man is said to haunt. A graveyard from the 1200s with remains of an old monk who has been seen on the roads and walking to the ruin. Visitors to the site have reported smelling incense and candles but the room is empty, people have captured ghost photos of a man walking the ruin but he vanishes along with a ghostly boy who has been seen on the site. Monks have been heard chanting and some say a monk was expelled from the monastery during the 1300s and kicked out in to the woodland where he became a hermit and died bitter and angry in the woods and is said to haunt the entire site. The ruin is said to be built on the site of retired pirate's hermitage too and he is also said to the hermitage.

You will be the be here in max group of 5 people with one team leader, you will carry out lone vigils and much more.

The Things You Need to Know Before Booking


  • The site is 100% secret and is in the Washington/Durham area!
  • You will be spending part the night in a tent, you will need a tent to take part, max 4 person size tent
  • You will need a backpack to carry your tent, warm clothing and food, like snacks etc
  • This is 100% outdoors in real woodland, river and meadow!
  • There is a small farm onsite but this will offer no sanctuary until after 6am
  • There is NO toilets at the camp but there is where you park the car, this is a real wild camping experience
  • Your guides are survival instructors with ghost hunters in the team, this is not a ghost hunting team in the woods, our instructors are the real deal and your life could depend on their skills to keep you warm and safe in the woods at night
  • You will be shown how to light a fire using survival equipment, chop wood and use  a knife
  • You will cook on a fire and this will be your only light!
  • Each tent will be given a survival pack and map pack
  • You will take it in turns to do woodland walks to scout there area for any unexplained activity using paranormal tools to pick up any anomalies
  • You will need the correct footwear and clothing to take part
  • There is a zero tolerance on alcohol and comes with a £250 fine and we do use breathalyses onsite
  • You will be using knives, axes and making fires as this is a mix of bushcraft, survival and ghost hunting in one.
  • We will supply, water and a full English breakfast in the morning at the local farm before departing. You must bring other snacks and drinks if you wish.

The night starts when you are met at our undisclosed location, you will not know the location address until 24 hours before the expedition you will then receive an email stating the meeting point where you will sign a silence discloser form to protect the sites identity. You will be led to a car park site where you will be briefed before loading up your gear on to your back and heading out on to the woodland trail that will lead us to our base expedition camp where you will be able to pick a spot within the woodland to setup your tent, next we will go over the plan of the expedition, you will all then be placed in to a team of 3 - 5 and work as a team in all tasks and toilet brakes as you will keep each other safe.

With a military style operation you will have made a camp learned how to light a fire using basic tools along with using a knife and axe to make sure we have enough wood to see us through the night. You will also receive a map pack and compass to help navigate along with CB radio for communications as your phone will have no signal.

Next we will make campfire food which will be specialist survival food to make sure we have the right energy before the night truly starts, in turns we will do woodland expeditions throughout the night, paying attention to the most active sites and looking for evidence of paranormal or human and animal activity. We will, be focusing on target areas of known activity and sightings and communication will be by radio.

We will be looking for a ghostly hooded monk that’s been seen around the site, an old medieval infirmary once stood on the site where people have encountered a ghastly screeching spectra. The river that runs through the site is also the location of suicides and tragic events where people have perished in its ice cold waters, the next location is the old wagon way leading to a closed mine entry where people here knocking sounds of ghostly minors and phantom horses have been heard but not seen. We will be covering the back of an old military ammunition dump that was heavily bombed in the 2nd world war. 

The pinnacle of the site is an exclusive ruin where many apparitions have been seen along with ghostly sounds. Each area is a hike away from the base camp, some close and some over a quarter of a mile away. We will rotate each team so you can visit each site.

"This is not like any ghost hunt of survival course you have ever been on and we are the first in the world to offer such a expedition, we have a partnership with a survival school who are bringing highly trained and qualified survival staff with extensive expedition experience that teach real survival courses. We are using professional bushcraft and survival instructors as part of our team along with 2 paranormal investigators who will help with the paranormal equipment and investigation. Together this team creates Haunted Expeditions that offers a once in a life time experience that cannot be recreated by any other company".

Our Expedition  Package!


Package: You MUST have your own tent or hammock and camping equipment such as pillows, sleeping bag, a backpack, the cost per person is £59.99 each based on 4 people max per tent. This includes the use of a survival pack along with a full English breakfast at the farm in the morning and basic survival food and water during the event and hot tea and coffee on the campfire.

This is a introduction price, the full rice will be £89.99 so BOOK NOW and save £30 on this real adventure!

We only ever take a maximum of 20 people per expedition.

Large group bookings welcome, more than 10 will recive a discount. Private events avalible.

The expedition starts at 8pm on the Saturday and ends at 7am on the Sunday with breakfast been served at 8.30pm.


NOTE: you must be of a sound mind and body and physically able to walk and climb up hills in all terrain and weather, you must READ OUR CLOTHING GUIDLINES before booking. If you do not have the correct clothing you will be refused access for your own safety due to hyperthermia and other weather related issues.

WARNING: This is not a bunch of idiots in a woodland running around in the dark like Blair witch, this is the real deal and your life can be on the line due to a slip or fall in a river by drowning, falling down a hillside or from a fallen branch or hyperthermia. When you book will need to read our terms and conditions and sign a waiver form before you can attend. We will not held responsible for your psychological welfare after the expedition.

Our instructors are ex military, mountain survival trainers and expert climbers along with first aid instructors and survival coaches.

How to Book!

Please pay a deposit of £39.99 per person and the final balance on the day of event.

All sales have a 5.5% tax fee

Please read our Terms & Conditions

It easy to book, click the link below, read the information on the next pagare in full, then select from the drop down box what date and package you require. Fill in the white box with your information and then simply follow nthe payment instructions.

Expedition Team

Our team is not just a ghost hunting team. Anyone can become a ghost hunter but not everyone can spend the time, dedication and cost of training to become qualified survival instructors and bushcraft experts that’s needed to run this kind of expedition, our team is made up of our lead instructor who has over 25 years teaching survival to the military in arctic weather, woodland, desert and jungle. Our instructors are also mountaineers and professionally trained climbers along bushcraft and wilderness experts. Each one of our team are also fully trained and qualified instructors in life saving and health and safety.

If you have ever done any of our ghost hunts then you know how professional we are, however with this kind of event, its outdoors, we are in small team and you will spend allot of time in your team with only radio contact but our investigators will be on stand by visiting each location and sifting through any evidence caught on the night.

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