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Book your Haunted Halloween Fancy Dress Ghost Walking Tour in Newcastle and Durham this October 2017!

This year our number one ghost walk the “Till Death Do Us Part” ghost walk of Newcastle is 10 years old. You can join Newcastle's longest running and most scary outdoor tour all year long but with October looming tickets are selling fast!

In Durham at the very Haunted Finchael Farm which is just by Chester-le-Street you can join our newest creation in its 3rd year with scarier stories, real ghost sightings, actual paranormal activity all set in a haunted woodland backdrop with ruins and barns dating back to the 1100's. The ideal tour for part indoor and outdoor spooky goings on and by far one of our scariest tours! 

All of our tours feature free Halloween candy, costume guides and lamp lit tours in real spooky locations! For indoor style ghost walks then visit Finchael Farm for outdoor tours visit us in Newcastle upon Tyne!

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Halloween Special ~ Til Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk is 10 years old! ~ Newcastle

Join the award winning ghost walk that’s seen 10 years in Newcastle with more than 43,000 people attended this fantastic haunted city tour to date. It’s been featured on TV, radio and in the press. 

With over 500 actual unexplained attacks on people that cannot be explained by rational thought, from real poltergeist activity where stones have been thrown and ghost walkers scratched and pushed, this tour makes for a real spooky experience.

We have special Halloween Outdoor  ghost walk of the old Castle Garth's dark lanes and old ruins in Newcastle city that brings the grisly life and times of Newcastle's dark past back from grave for one night of terror with true ghost stories, real murder sites, places of witchcraft and sinister goings on. Our spooky guide that have will have you shrieking in the night in dark heart of old Newcastle upon Tyne on this haunted lamp lit tour...

Join us this October if you dare!  

Over 16 years of age only ~ T&Cs apply*


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Halloween Special ~The Hunting of Finchale Farm Ghost Walk ~ Durham 

Haunted City Tours newest creation is back for the 3rd year, dubbed “the year of the Black Monk” as we have had so many ghostly sightings of monks during the 2015/2016 tour season with over 17 people seeing a ghostly monk at the same time.

Join Durham's most scary ghost walk tour guide the Black Monk of Finchael farm for a lamp lit tour of one of England’s most haunted farms, from the haunted woodland path where suicides has seen people flee in terror after seeing hanging apparitions to the creepy sounds of dragging following people through the woodland walk to the very haunted plague chambers and dungeon, with haunted barns where the word “witch” seems to provoke violent and aggressive paranormal activity with people fainting during our opening “seance” to UFO sightings in and around the land.

The Haunting of Finchael Farm is Durham's scariest tour set in miles of private woodland, ancient ruins with many ghost, from RFA pilots, monks, ghostly children, witches and many other ghosts.

Visit the Haunting of Finchael Farm Ghost Walk Page and check out the ghost stories, watch Steve Taylor contact the dead on a Behind the scenes video shot in the haunted barn and much more. Click Here

Join us this October if you dare!  

 Over 18 years of age only ~ T&Cs apply


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If your looking for the best award winning ghost walks in the UK then look no further with people visiting our tours from all over the world. We have everything you need for a real fright night of Halloween fun in Newcastle or Durham. We offer outdoor walking tours of haunted sites around the ancient city of Newcastle upon Tyne or indoor style ghost walks in Durham at the Haunting of Finchael Farm. We have it all on our ghost walks. Some of the best and most haunted areas in the UK. 

Call us today on 07525639943 for more information!

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