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Newcastle's Haunted City Tour, Ghost's of the Garth Ghost Walk

Ghost photo from Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walking Tour in Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne has a dark heart where evil resides, loomed over by a brutal dark prison that casts a foreboding shadow over the old blood stained cobbles where yellow street lamps give glimpses of the Newcastle's ghostly past deep inside the Castle's outer walls where death still resides to this very day and where lost souls of times forgotten wars, murder, suicide, plagues and pestilence still wander its gray foggy pathways, lurking in old stairwells and doorways are phantom shadows. 

That place is the Newcastle, Castle Garth where they say there is a ghost story to be told every 15 feet with more ghost photos been caught here than anywhere in the UK. (Can you see the ghost man in the photo?)

Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walking Outdoor Tour Information!

Ghost photo from Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walking Tour in Newcastle

Explore some of Newcastle’s most haunted sites...

See Newcastle’s most haunted Castle: The Newcastle Castle Keep. As you pass by, you’ll hear stories of the Castle’s more bizarre and permanent tenants. Hear the gruesome saga of the Castles Black Monk, the Cholera victims lost souls and the paranormal attacks on staff, visitors and ghost walkers.

Have your photo taken at the site of the white lady, where her ghost is said to show itself to the next victim of Newcastle underworld, stand where her crying spectra has been seen and heard recorded on EVP recorders so make sure your phone is fully charged as you may capture the crying sounds of the white lady or the gasping breath of one of the many deaths on the site.

You will Join us as we explore Newcastle’s most chilling murder sites and haunted places as you spend time with the dead as your tour includes a night time séance at Newcastle’s gruesome killing banks on the side of the wall where many a Scotsman was brutally killed in our civil war But you won’t be travelling alone in the dark down its old cobbled pathways as phantom footsteps and a women’s voice has been heard here.

Newcastle's Ghosts of the Garth Tour would not be complete with a tour through the old Black Gate where many a man women and child have been hung drawn and quartered, you will see the old guard rooms where odd smells of burning wood and horse manure can fill your nose, you will see the old “killing pits” or better known as the black gate dungeons as you walk above looking down to the site where a supposed poltergeist is said to haunt and attack people who dare enter the haunted site.

Ghost of the Garth is not like any tour you've taken before! We've been thrilling our audiences for almost a decade and all of us including the dead are waiting for you to be next in line for a frightmare. This tour is interactive and takes crowd participation to make the tour a night to remember. You will use your phone as a ghost hunting tool during the tour to capture photos of ghosts, sounds of the dead and videos of the haunted walkways.

Be Warned! Ghost tours run rain or shine. We run on dark and stormy nights!

Comfortable shoes are recommended so that you don’t become dead on your feet during the time you spend in the haunted areas and taking part in our ghostly tour. This tour is OUTDOORS so please dress for old cobble pathways, grassy areas and old steps, cold weather and ghostly chills.

Tour Information!

Location: Newcastle, Castle Garth

Running Time: 1.5 Hours

Price: £9.99 per person (2 hours)

Setting: Outdoor Tour

Parking: Free parking after 6.30pm

Scare Rating: 8.5/10

Entertainment Value: 10/10

Tour starts at the Castle Keep Lower staircase over from the Bridge hotel Pub doorway. 

Tour Dates!

September - Decemeber (Sundays only)
October & Halloween (Fri, Sat Sunday)
January - May (Sunday only)
Private tours can be booked on any day or night, book for just your party from £8.50 per person (Min 10 max 40)

Terms & Conditions

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Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walking Tour in Newcastle
Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walking Tour in Newcastle
Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walking Tour in Newcastle

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Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walking Tour in Newcastle

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Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walking Tour in Newcastle

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