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Welcome to the North Easts leading Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Entertainment Company - Alone In The Dark Entertainment  

Join our ghost hunts in the North East , North West & Midlands. Let our ghost nights give you the full experience of a real haunting. If your in to T.A.P.S, Ghost Adventures or Most Haunted you will find a thrilling night hunting ghost's in North East England or around the UK.

The original ghost North East team that brought the real haunted evidence and real haunting’s by British paranormal investigators that set out to prove that something paranormal was out there. Our true team of spirit seekers have strived to bring you the best events in the UK.

Alone In The Dark Entertainment has built its continuing success on offering professional, authentic and innovative ghost hunting events around the UK. Alone In The Dark Entertainment, the North East's first and biggest paranormal entertainment company and the first company to start the paranormal entertainment industry in the North East regularly appears on Dead Air Paranormal Radio 102.5 FM where the owner of Alone In The Dark Entertainment Steve Taylor is one of the radio hosts. Steve along with the North East based ghost hunting company are regularly in national and local newspapers, magazines, TV and DVD. Alone In The Dark Entertainment are recognized for their unparalleled experience in offering paranormal events with customer satisfaction quality and value for money in mind.

Since 2007 Alone In The Dark Entertainment have seen over 30,000 ghost hunters and ghost walkers through our company. So, whether you are a fresh to ghost hunting or you have experience with the paranormal, book a ghost hunt with Alone In The Dark Entertainment and pick an event for the ‘must do’ experience of the year!

Our Customer Guarentee To You!

What's Included - All our Ghost Hunts include FULL use of all our latest scientific & spiritual equipment, latest in EVP technology and real-time playback, experienced team leaders to guide you through the night. You wont be left alone in the dark with nothing to do!  We will set you away on lone vigils, group experiments, seances, tasks, paranormal experiments etc We have a qualified First Aider & Health & Safety Officer at every event and hold Public Liability Insurance with Simply Business. We also include tea & coffee refreshments at every event!

That’s Entertainment! - Although we use the word “Entertainment” in our company and advertising none of our events are faked or made to be light hear-ted. All our events are the most full on investigations you will ever do. We have found ways in the locations to make sure you’re not just sitting around waiting for something to happen! That’s not what we want. You will have the same experience as a full investigation using all the same tools and having the same frights and experience’s. You become the ghost hunter! 

Special FX NOT USED - We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity on the night but we can guarantee you anything you experience is genuine and NOT staged.  We do not use actors, special effects, sounds effects etc. We do not use paid mediums or psychics at our events. Alone In The Dark Entertainment is as a professional company and we deliver the highest standard of service possible.  A service not guaranteed with low budget companies or research & non-profit groups & new groups.  Any haunting evidence captured will be investigated and de-bunked if found to be non paranormal.

Customers Health & Safety - our customers and staff safety is our first priority which is why we limit the number of attendees to 25 or 30 depending on the size of the location. Some paranormal groups continuously break the MAXIMUM CAPACITY LIMIT putting themselves and their customers are risk. For your safety and enjoyment we ensure we never 'pack' in customers at a location! You can ensure a safe and comfortable ghost hunt with Alone In The Dark Entertainment. 

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2014 Old & New Locations COMING SOON!

 We are busy booking and securing new locations and our customers favorite locations for 2014!

New 2014 dates will be available to book soon! 

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Castle Keep Ghost Hunts -  Alone In The Darks ** No.1 Location **


Location: Castle Keep, Newcastle Upon Tyne 

 Click Here to read more on the Haunting of Castle Keep



Tarot readings will be available for Private Readings at Castle Keep events! 

 From £10 pp - £25 pp

 Please call FREEPHONE 0330 111 0006 to book your place in advance




Join Alone In the Dark Entertainment’s Paranormal Tactical team at our number one haunted and best selling location ~ The Caste Keep ~ Newcastle Upon Tyne ~

If you want ghosts, lost murdered souls and suicidal spectres along with witchcraft all on top of a Saxon cemetery then I dare you spend a night locked within the walls of the haunted Newcastle Castle Keep.
Join Alone In the Dark Entertainment’s Paranormal Tactical team at our number one haunted and best selling location ~ The Caste Keep ~ Newcastle Upon Tyne ~

Join Alone In the Dark Entertainment’s Paranormal Tactical team at our number one haunted and best selling location ~ The Caste Keep ~ Newcastle Upon Tyne ~


If you want ghosts, lost murdered souls and suicidal specters along with witchcraft all on top of a Saxon cemetery then I dare you spend a night locked within the walls of the haunted Newcastle Castle Keep. 



New 2014 Dates Coming Soon 

Haunted Camp Out Events ~ Castle Keep Newcastle Upon Tyne



  Do YOU have what it takes???

Join us if you dare for this night of true terror!

We will be opening the Castle Keep to another Haunted Camp Out . Dare you and your friends to be locked down in one of England's most haunted castle's and locations from 10 pm - 7 am?
 Includes light buffet & tea/Coffee Refreshments at the event!

 New 2014 Dates Coming Soon

Ryecroft Hall Ghost Hunts


Location: Ryecroft Hall, Manchester


Join Alone In the Dark Entertainment North West Paranormal Tactical team as they return to to another active location - Ryecroft Hall ~  Manchester

Built on land purchased in 1849 Ryecroft Hall was the Seat of the Buckley family for many years. During WW1 it served as a hospital and communications centre. Soldiers and hospital staff from this period are rumoured to walk its halls and grounds still, while some members of staff attend to their daily chores long after they departed this world. 


New 2014 Dates Coming Soon 

Washington Old Hall Ghost Hunts 


Location: Washington Old Hall, Washington Village, Tyne & Wear NE38 7LE

Voted one of the best locations for Ghost Hunting 2009/2010/2012 


As heard on Metro Radio and Dead Air Paranormal Radio Halloween Shows!


 Parking available on the grounds!




Join us at one of our most popular ghost hunting destinations the romantically haunted Washington Old Hall ~ Washington Tyne & Wear

 The team are heading back to Washington Old Hall in 2013 for 5th year in a row, as we once again make communication with its spiritual residents.

The hall is one of Washington’s oldest sites dating back to the ancient pagan times and regarded as one the UK’s most haunted halls. The site you see today was built in the 1600s on the site of an old Abby, many tragedies have struck the old hall leaving it with dark past. 


 New 2014 Dates Coming Soon

Souter Lighthouse Ghost Hunts 

Location: Souter Lighthouse, Whitburn


Souter Lighthouse ~ Whitburn

One of our best ghost hunts NOW has a new time slot. You can visit this old haunted Lighthouse, the engine room where a Irish man has shouted at ghost hunters then vanished, the children’s bedrooms where letter blocks have been thrown around and a dolls house that is still played with by the dead, the cottages and works houses where odd dragging sounds, ghostly women and a sinister man is said to haunt. There is a full site to investigate including the lighthouse, radio room, engine room, main visitor room, many parts of the old tenements, the keepers cottage, the old coal rooms There is so many rooms in this haunted site you will never get round it on one whole night so we have changed our time to give you more of a chance to see each location and now you can do it from 7pm – 1am



History and Location Information


 New 2014 Dates Coming Soon



Siani House Ghost Hunt - Staffordshire 


Location: Sinai House, Staffs. Sinai House, Staffs. Sinai Park House is at Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire - just off the A38. It is located within the boundaries of The National Forest.



New 2013 Location for Alone In The Dark North West  Siani House - Staffordshire 

 Parts of Sinai House have been around since 1002, the moat surrounding it is from the 13th century. Sinai House, home of the Pagets for nearly 400 years, has been a sanatorium, an infirmary, a place where monks practiced blood letting and even a shelter for pigs! Most Haunted and Time Team have explored here; are you brave enough to follow in their footsteps? 


  New 2014 Dates Coming Soon

Erasmus House Ghost Hunt - Staffordshire


Location: Erasmus House, Beacon Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 7AD

Will the gentleman in the black frockcoat, often seen by members of staff, pop in to say hello? Will we hear the laughter of children or catch an unexplained whiff of tobacco?



 Join Alone In The Dark North West at this first time location!  

Erasamus Darwin, Grandfather of Charles Darwin, bought a medieval half-timbered building in Lichfield in 1758 and converted it into a large red brick Georgian town house. For 20 years it was the base for his medical practice, scientific experiments, and meetings of the Lunar Society. The cellar where it is said Erasmus carried out public dissections and his anatomy experiments took place, is not normally open to visitors. Will you come down there with us?



New 2014 Dates Coming Soon 


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Customer Testimonials

  • "Just a quick note to you, me and Dan (guy with mawhawk ha) came to Castle Keep last night (25/5/14) and just wanted to tell you what a fantastic night it was!! you are absolutel..."
    A & D Wilson
    Customer - Extreme Ghost Tour - May 2014
  • "Hi I just thought I would drop a note that I enjoyed the ghost walk on Saturday night at 7pm. I am sure I saw a shadowy hand in the room off the main hall. The guy was telling u..."
    C Sheddon
    Customer - Halloween - Oct 2013
  • "Hi, Just a quick message to thank the tour guide from tuesday night's ghost walk. About 30 scouts & Adults from Washington descended on the castle keep and had the time of our..."
    M Handy
    Customer - Scouts Ghost Tour - October 2013

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