Durham's The Haunting of Finchael Farm Part 2 - The Ouija Board Extreme Ghost Walk

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About the tour ...

The Haunting of Finchael Farm the Extreme Ghost Walk that features the very scary Ouija board inside our haunted barn which adds a new even more terrifying element to an already scary tour.  

We do recommend that you do part one of this tour first  The Haunting of Finchael Farm to get the full background of the tour, history and stories as this tour is aimed at actually making contact with the dead and ventures in to more haunted areas that are not on the first tour. 

What is an Extreme Ghost Walk or Tour?

The Extreme Ghost Walk was first invented by Steven Taylor, its a traditional ghost walk but instead of just talking about the ghost and telling stories you can actually try and make contact with the dead via Ouija board, table tipping, EVP, white noise generation, Seance and much more. This is almost like a walking ghost hunt instead of been locked in a haunted location we have many locations we visit in 3 hours, this keeps the evening at a good pace and allows you the best chance of seeing, hearing or feeling death!

On this tour you will visit up to 4 haunted paranormal hot spots and locations of murder and tragedy to try and contact the dead and provoke a response from something dark. You will take part in paranormal experiments, Ouija boards & séances. You will also hear true ghost stories and learn of the history of these locations!

The Barn 

on the site dates back to around the 1200's but has a dark past that we know very little about except during our investigations we have noticed words like "witch" or "witchcraft" revoke extreme paranormal activity such as large stone and rocks thrown, people passing out, people been grabbed and pushed along with sightings of a small girl in dark clothing seen sitting on the staircase, farm workers have witnessed a man lurking in the shadows who will vanish, people also think he is a shadow man of a farmer that hung himself in the barn after his son drowned. 

We do recommend that you do part one of this tour first to get the full background of the tour, history and stories as this tour is aimed at actually making contact with the dead and ventures in to more haunted areas that are not on the first tour.

At this site we will introduce you to making contact with dead as we start at our first location of 4 main hot spots that we will try to make contact with dead at each site.

The Hanging Woods

The hanging woods or as we call them locally the devils woods have sadly seen many deaths from children falling from its cliffs to drownings in the river, suicide by hanging, mining deaths and even murder. 

The sight is so haunted even our own staff hate taking the groups to the site, members of our staff have had aggressive attacks from the likes of lumps of wood been thrown along with stones, we have been grabbed and pulled down to the ground in front of ghost walkers, people on the tour have had there hair pulled and been pushed, we have been charged at by unseen spirits, heard growling sounds in the area and have seen a few black shapes that move and vanish and even block pathways.

People walking dogs have seen everything from a crying boy begging for help but upon approaching he vanished to a monk that drags his foot known locally as Slewfoot, people have been followed and when they stop footsteps keep walking but when people turn around they see nothing.

People have been caught here practicing satanic rituals, often animals are found sacrificed with blood on the trees in the markings of upside down crucifix and pentagram stars with bones found on the floor arranged in shapes, these bones have been dug up from old graveyards close by. Satanic rituals have been performed here many times as its also said to be the home of the Cockernburn Witch from the 1300's. in 1972 eight people where arrested here for tying a naked drugged women to a tree and carrying out a black mass where animals were killed as a sacrifice and demons summoned.

Durham is said to be the home of the UK's satanic church with over 200 people in Durham claiming to be Satanists.


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  • This is an outdoor tour (2.5 hours) & NOT a indoor Ghost Hunt (7+ hrs)
  • You will visit up to 4 locations during this tour and carry out paranormal experiments
  • Over 18 years of age only!
  • This tour and its experiments are all weather dependent
  • Please wrap up warm and wear sensible footwear

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NOTE - Strictly Over 18 years of age only

This tour is not for the faint hearted

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