Arbitration Statement Issued By Alone In The Dark Entertainment

The following statement was posted by Alone In The Dark Entertainment & Haunting Evidence on 19/11/11.  We would like it noted that Alone In The Dark Entertainment have abided by this legally binding arbitration agreement. 

A Joint Statement Issued by


It will recently have come to the attention of many people involved in the world of paranormal research that a dispute has arisen between the aforementioned organisations. This dispute has at times become extremely bitter, leading to a harsh exchange of words both on social networking sites and other media.

On November 10, 2011, both parties agreed to meet, in the presence of an independent arbitrator, in an attempt to resolve their differences.

The meeting between representatives of both organisations and the independent arbitrator took place on November 19, 2011. The meeting was amicable, and both parties concerned agreed, in the presence of the arbitrator, to make the following public statement:

“Both Alone In The Dark Entertainment and Haunting Evidence are involved in the fields of paranormal research and/or the provision of events, commonly called “ghost walks” or “paranormal investigations”.

“The determination of both organisations is to provide high-quality services to their patrons. We wish for this to continue.

“Both Alone In The Dark Entertainment and Haunting Evidence recognise that disputes of any nature between the two organisations will ultimately distract them from the above goal. Therefore, we wish to announce that at the aforementioned meeting between both parties we were able to reach an agreement that both sides found acceptable. The nature of this agreement will not be made public.

“It was agreed by the representatives of both our organisations that we will:

a)     “Insofar as it is possible and legally permissible to do so, remove from any Internet websites or social networking pages postings or material that the other organisation, its members or associates may find offensive, or which in any way relate to the aforementioned dispute.

 b)    “Refrain from publishing any further material similar to that discussed in (a) above.

 c)     “Refrain from making any public comments or statements regarding the dispute and/or how it has been resolved.

 “We the representatives of Alone In The Dark Entertainment and Haunting Evidence have mutually and amicably agreed to engage in no further discussion on the matter. We will continue to provide our services to our patrons to the best of our ability, and recognise that both organisations have a role to play in our chosen field of endeavour.

 “We do not wish to see the good names of our organisations damaged due to the aforementioned dispute. Neither do we wish to see the world of paranormal research in general harmed by the same. Henceforth, both organisations will go about their business in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, and we would call upon the patrons of both to assist us in this regard by refraining from commenting publicly on social networking sites and other media, or making statements that will only protract the issue.

 “Should anyone post such inflammatory comments, or other statements which both Alone In The Dark Entertainment and/or Haunting Evidence feel detract from their amicable resolution to the aforementioned dispute, then they will, where legally permissible and as soon as it is drawn to their attention, remove them.

 “Both Alone In The Dark Entertainment and Haunting Evidence accept that during the period of the dispute in question errors of judgement were made that, with hindsight, were regrettable. We are only human, and it is in the nature of things that, when disputes occur, things are not always handled as they should be. Both organisations wish to make it clear that if, during the period of this dispute, those associated with us were offended in any way, sincere apologies are offered to those concerned.

 “The world of paranormal research and ghost-hunting is big enough for both of our organisations, and we’d like to think that we are mature enough to resolve disputes amicably and then “move on”.

 “Both Alone in the Dark Entertainment and Haunting Evidence are looking to the future. Both organisations have plans to make the services they provide even better. By resolving our dispute in this manner we wish to send a message to our supporters: Life is too short to waste time engaging in enmity and antagonism. The world of unexplained phenomena needs organisations like ours to work together and not to be at loggerheads with each other.

 “As far as both parties are concerned, our differences have been resolved to our mutual satisfaction and any further discussion on the matter will only be counterproductive. We therefore urge our supporters to refrain from saying or doing anything that will detract from the sincere efforts we have made to draw this matter to a close.  As far as we are concerned the matter is at an end and we intend to make no further public comment upon it.

With best wishes,

Steve Taylor (Alone In The Dark Entertainment)               

Date: 19 November, 2011


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