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Welcome to our ghost walk site for Haunted City Tours offering the best in Ghost Walks in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we are the home of Dark Trails and Ghastly Tails, formerly known as Alone In The Dark Entertainment. For you guys that don’t know, we are going through a new transition and changing with the times for the better but some links may be broken or not live yet as we breath some NEW life back in to the website and all of our haunted tours. In 2013 Newcastle Ghost Walks and Alone In The Dark Entertainment were bought out and NOW we are bringing you a whole new haunted experience with brand new ghost walks, guides, haunted locations, management and marketing that will make your haunted experiences in Newcastle a night to remember. So watch out for our new tours and offers...

Newcastle upon Tyne’s Ghost Walks by Haunted City Tours since 2007 have been offering a range of historical to haunted guided ghost walk tours of the most spooky and strange haunted places in Newcastle, from the haunted Castle Keep to its outer walls, the Blackgate killing pits and old Graveyards of Newcastle to our ghost walks of the haunted woodland of Jesmond Dean, to its cobble backstreets with ghostly sightings and real murder sites. We are not just for Halloween but offer ghost walking tours all year round, from spooky Newcastle ghost walks for families to extreme Ouija board Ghost Walks for adults only along with our ghastly pub walks, Victorian Ghost Walks and nights of haunted entertainment.

Newcastle is one of the UK’s oldest cities with its dark legends of ghostly headless horsemen, serial killers such as the Dean Street Strangler, the Newcastle witchcraft trials of 1649, human sacrifice to the real brutality of the Newcastle civil war and grisly executions. This ancient city offers the best backdrops for such ghastly encounters with its bygone murderers of it's violent past through our stories and old buildings that still stand and play part in our stories and form the backdrop for many a haunting from Newcastle Castle Keep and Blackgate along with its dungeons, Tudor houses, old pubs and sites of real history.

Newcastle upon Tyne’s haunted City Tours take you on an entertaining journey back in time and turns the cities haunted history in to dark tourism, catering haunted themed events and guided ghost walks in Newcastle for private tours, corporate events, birthdays and specialist events. 

Our tours range from historical ghost walks to the actual use of Ouija Boards and witchcraft tools along with séances. Each tour is totally different but have points of crossover, some are family friendly and others are for adults only and can be extreme, some visit pubs.

Extreme Ouija Ghost Tour - Newcastle

Newcastle's EXTREME Ouija Ghost Walk

Dare you join is on our most extreme ghost tour in old Newcastle?

Use the Ouija to speak to the DEAD, take your chance with table tipping real modern murder sites!  ONLY £10 per person!



Til Death Do Us Part - Newcastle's No.1 Ghost Walk

Till Death Do Us Part, the Original Ghost Walk of Newcastle with  Haunted City Tours Newcastle

Est 2006, the Newcastle Ghost Walk is the original Ghost Walk in Newcastle and has ran successfully for over 8 years! Awarded in the top 5 Most Haunted Ghost Walks & one of England's Most Scary Ghost Walk with real paranormal activity!  

About Newcastle's Till Death Do Us Part Ghost Walking OUTDOOR Tour with the use of adult humor we delve into the blood-curdling parts of history. Learn the torturous methods used by unscrupulous characters to the grisly details of our most prolific killers who haunt old Newcastle. With the use of ghost hunting tools we will try and contact the spirit of a young girl who haunts one of our sites. The ghost walk offers visitors a thrill like no other attraction in Newcastle. This tour is aimed at an adult audience and children are not allowed on this tour. Please see our Family Ghost Walk for families and children under 16 years of age. 

Prices from £8.50 per person


SUNDAY 26th May 2015 

Friday 13th Ghost Tours - Newcastle

Friday 13th Ghost Tour 
2015 dates available to book

£10.00 per person

Friday 13th November @ 7 pm

Join us on our SPECIAL Friday 13th Ghost Tour in Newcastle Upon Tyne!

The Haunted Expedition Ghost Hunt NEW for 2015!!

What can be scarier than actually heading out in to an unknown woodland, 2miles from any help where no one can hear your screams, all set in a haunted woodland by the flicker of a open campfire by the river, ghosts linger where the sounds of knocking hammers still resonate from the haunted mineshafts, dark figures wander the scared land by day and night. Your only hope of some kind of survival is survival itself.

This is the first ever Haunted Expedition mixing woodland survival deep inside a haunted woodland. Visit the page NOW Click Here

Check out our Ghost Hunt events in the UK

Take a look at our web store and book your next Ghost Hunt with our North West Team



Can't see a date that suits you?  

Have more than 10 friends wanting a tour?  

Get in touch as we can book you a private tour!  

Private tours are available on ANY tour  we currently advertise!

Prices start from £6 pp

Group discounts available

If you want to book a whole tour out for only 1 or 2 people then call us, we offer large group discounts and organize specialist ghost walks for mediums and ghost groups along with visiting celebrity’s holiday groups and teams. Call us on 07525639943

Haunted Ghost Walks In Newcastle, Durham and Washington!

The ghost of a black monk is said to haunted the Castle Garth in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Ghosts of the Garth

Newcastle, Castle Garth

1.5 Hours

£8.50 per person

Outdoor Tour

Scare Rating: 7.5/10

Entertainment Value 10/10

Newcastle Witches

Newcastle, Castle Garth

1.5 Hours

£8.50 per person

Outdoor/indoor Tour

Scare Rating: 8.3/10

Entertainment Value 9/10

The Newcastle Quayside ghost walk visits the graveyard of the haunted All saints where a ghostly man has been seen

Haunted Quayside

Newcastle Quayside 

1.5 Hours

£8.50 per person

Indoor/Outdoor Tour

Scare Rating: 6.1/10

Entertainment Value 10/10

Tours with the use of Ghost Hunting gear or Psychics

Use the Ouija Board on the Extreme Ghost Walk of Newcastle

Extreme Ghost Walk

Newcastle, Castle Garth

2.5 Hours

£13.99 per person

Outdoor Tour

Scare Rating: 10/10

Entertainment Value 9.5/10

Newcastle's Comedy Ghost Walk is back and better than ever, join us for a real scream!

Comedy Ghost Walk

Newcastle, Castle Keep

1.5 Hours

£9.99 per person

Outdoor Tour

Scare Rating: 5/10

Entertainment Value 10/10

Family Ghost Wallking tours in Newcastle with full costume tour guides

Family Ghost Walk

Newcastle, Castle Garth

1.5 Hours

£6.00 per person or 4 for £20

Outdoor Tour

Family Scare Rating: 7.8/10

Entertainment Value 10/10


Comedy Ghost Walk of Newcastle Upon Tyne 18+

Comedy Ghost Walk of Newcastle is a real scream with Haunted City Tours Newcastle

Join our brand new Comedy Ghost Walk of Newcastle Upon Tyne with a your ghostly comedy tour guide and want to be medium “Derek Porker” on a hysterical journey through some of the haunted sites in Newcastle.

This tour will shock, offend, scare and make you freak and pee your pants with laughter, this tour in no way takes its self serous at all and really makes light of TV mediums and paranormal TV shows.

You will contact the dead in a “real séance” but what may follow could kill you through laughter. Our slightly disturbed guide will thrill and chill you’re soul with his total bullshit that keeps you hanging on every word till the next big scream. Read More....

Ghosts of the Garth - Newcastle Ghost Photo Walk (NEW for 2015)

Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth

Newcastle upon Tyne has a dark heart where evil resides, toward over by a brutal prison that casts a foreboding shadow over the old blood stained cobbles where death still resides to this very day and where lost souls of times forgotten wars, plagues and pestilence still wander its dark foggy pathways, lurking in old stairwells and doorways. That place is the Newcastle, Castle Garth where they say there is a ghost story to be told every 15 feet with more ghost photos been caught here than anywhere in the UK. 

This Newcastle's ONLY Ghost Photo tour..

Read more about this tour...

Your Ghost & Paranormal Attack Photos!

  • Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    Ghostly mist by one of our ghost walkers
  • Extreme Ghost Walkers hold a seance on the Extreme Ghost Walk of Newcastle
    A strange orb in the Black Gate killing pit.
  • Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    A ghost face of a man on the Newcastle Ghost Walk
  • Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    A black misted shape moves up the road at the Black Gate in Newcastle on the Newcastle Ghost Walks
  • Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    A ghost man and horse in the graveyard on the Newcastle Ghost Walks
  • Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    An old photo of a ghost man in the Castle Keep from a Haunted City Tour
  • Ghost Walker attacked on the Extreme Ghost Walk of Newcastle
    Ghost walker hit by a sharp object when he was alone in aempty area.
  • Castle Keep Ghosts  and a odd mist@ Castle Garth
    Ghostly fog caught where the white lady haunts!
  • Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    Strang shapes at the Dog Leap Steps
  • Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    Ghostly faint figures lurk in the Blackgate entry.
  • Ghost walker scratched on the face by a Ghost on the Extreme Ghost Walk
    Ghost walker scratched down his face by a demonic spirit on the ghost walks. He also heard a hissing and felt sick.
  • A photo of ghosts on the Extreme Ghost Walk in Newcastle
    ghostly shapes on the Haunted City Tour of the Newcastle Castle Keep in Newcastle
  • Ghost photo shot on the Ghosts of the Garth Ghost Walk in Newcastle
    A ghost of what some think could be a women who haunts the castle. This photo was taken by 3 off duty police officors on a works ghost walking tour!
  • Haunted City Tours tour guide entertains on the steps of the Castle in the Castle Garth
    A strange orb of light above the tour guides head on one of our private family tours.
  • Ghost photo Newcastle
    A black shadow figure lurks in the dark corner of the old monistery.Photo by Sally J
  • Castle Garth Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    Ghostly figures stand behind the wall, some say they can see a roman with a shield and a hooded figure in fron of him.
  • Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    Ghostly light orbs at the side ofn the castle Keep Photo by Kim
  • Castle Garth Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    A ghostly face looks down the ghost walkers below! Photo by Aiden
  • Lady attacked by a ghost on the Haunted City Tours  @ Castle Garth
    Ghost walker felt like something had its hands around her neck, these are the marks!
  • Castle Garth Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
    Rob a good customer and his ghostly orb at the Blackgate. Photo by Robs mate.
  • Ghost in the graveyard, shot on Castle Garth Ghosts  @ Castle Garth  @ Castle Garth
    What we think could be a ghost of a sailor in the graveyard o!
Castle Keep Ghosts  @ Castle Garth
Ghostly mist by one of our ghost walkers

Ghostly photos taken by you guys the ghost walkers on the Newcastle Haunted City Tours along with your ghost attack photos.

Have you attended a ghost walking tour in Newcastle with former Newcastle Ghost Walks that's now known as Newcastle's Haunted City Tours? Have you been attacked? Do you have photo or video?

Send your ghost photos and videos to steve@aloneinthedarkentertainment.com 


All details shown on this website were correct at the time of publishing but subject to change without notice.  All events attended at the client’s risk, no liability accepted by Alone In The Dark Entertainment.  We reserve the right to cancel tours without notice.Our tours only runs on selected weekend dates (unless privately booked of advertised).All tours are pre-book only. Strictly NO UNDER 16' yrs allowed on the tours unless accompanied by an adults over 18 years of age.  Prices may vary at different times of year and we can change the price at anytime.  We have the right to refuse entry to anyone.  Prior agreement must be made with Management if under 16s would like to attend (this does not affect school trips and family tours).Most tours meet at Castle Keep medieval castle in Newcastle upon Tyne over from the Bridge Hotel pub but always check as some tours have different start points. The tour starts at different times. You must be booked on the tour 10-15 minutes before the tour is about to start. If you’re running late then note this number (07525639943).We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity on any tours and all tours are for entertainment. PLEASE NOTE GHOST WALKS DO NOT RUN ON WEEKDAY EVENINGS and DO NOT RUN INSIDE THE CASTLE KEEP (unless advertised as in “INDOOR” tour). We reserve the right to cancel ghost tours or any events without notice, due to extreme weather conditions or if a tour guide is ill. Cancelled events will be posted on our website and other media channels. Please refer to our Terms of Service.

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    Danielle Toni Dimeo
    All Hallows Eve Ghost Walk
  • "Thanks to the Highway man for the Halloween ghost walk, the ghost walk really shook me up, i went into the pit at the black gate and i was alone when i heard footsteps then i th..."
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